When it comes to the best running and riding tracker apps. Strava is one of the best and top-rated apps in the market. It offers excellent features, such as a running tracker, riding reports, and many more.

But if you are looking for a few other alternatives to Strava, then this is the post where you will find out the best Strava alternative apps. If you have been using Strava for a long time, it’s good to try something fresh.

Best Strava Alternatives Apps for Android & iOS

Needless to say, Strava is now a synonym for a fitness tracker in the industry. It offers many handy features, some of them free and some paid. But we have assembled some free Strava alternatives that can blow your mind.

1. Runkeeper


On top of the list, we are presenting the Runkeeper powered by the famous sports brand ASICS. The handy app can count the distance you covered, the pace, and the calories burned. It also provides audio updates while you run.

Other than that, the app can set monthly running challenges where you push yourself to get better and better. Custom training and workout guides are available in the app.

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2. Cyclestreets


If you are looking for the perfect cycle-tracking app, Cyclestreets is similar to Strava. The simple-to-use app can help you find a quiet route for a wonderful cycling experience.

It also has GPS that can help you navigate effectively. Moreover, it tracks your journey distance so that you can measure every meter you cover.

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3. Ride with GPS

Ride with GPS

Another riding tracker app on our list, Ride with GPS, offers fruitful features. One of them is plan and edit, which allows you to plan cycling trips.

Its voice navigation is an overall feature for audible and visual navigational cues. Hence, the app helps inform calories burned and heart rate. Using the global heatmap, you can find suitable roads.

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4. Komoot


Komoot is almost as big as Strava in terms of features for outdoor riders. Using its easy route planner, you can turn your next ride, hike, and run into an adventure journey.

Apart from this, the offline trail map is the biggest talking point of the app. Moreover, the app provides elevation, trail type, and road type. Overall, the app is very useful for runners.

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5. Google Fit

Google Fit Might Be Getting a New Logo that Will Show One Thing

Google Fit is one of the best fitness-tracking apps in the market and a worthy opponent of Strava. This all-rounder app can help you plan your fitness journey. Its comprehensive Google Maps will help you find the best and most suitable route.

In addition, the app is very useful for tracking fitness. It has many challenges to complete for your benefit. The app is also very compatible with other fitness trackers. Overall, Google Fit can be the perfect replacement for Strava.

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6. Map My Ride

Map My Ride

If you are looking for the best Strava alternatives, Map My Ride by Under Armour is ideal. Using the app, you can track maps and fitness simultaneously. You can also make a perfect routine using its workout collections.

The app also provides visual and audio progress updates in real time. Moreover, you can connect the app with other third-party wearable gadgets. Hence, it also provides a tracking system, goal tracking, and lifetime stats.

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7. Adidas Running

adidas running


Adidas Running, offered by the world’s biggest sports brand, Adidas, is another fitness and running tracker app that is very similar to the app Strava. Its GPS tracker and pedometer tracker are always in your direction on the fitness journey.

You can track more than 90 sports, in addition to hiking, cycling, and running. The app is designed for any level of athlete or seasoned fitness enthusiast. You can also learn from its blogs, training, and tutorials to strengthen your fitness.

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8. TrainingPeaks


Well, TrainingPeaks is another considerable fitness app on our list. The app can help athletes of all levels. Its comprehensive training tools are always ready to help you meet your fitness or running goals. The app will progress your journey and create training plans.

The app provides a weekly training snapshot of your progress. You can also communicate with coaches through posts and comments inside the app. The goal-oriented app could be a plausible alternative to Strava for Android and iOS.

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9. Cyclemeter


With a complete calendar plan, Cyclemeter is one of the best free alternatives to Strava. The feature-rich app has many outstanding features, such as maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans, and more.

The app is also very convenient for measuring distance, time, speed, elevation, and heart rate. It also provides marathon running plans and allows you to create custom workout plans. Moreover, you can operate the app using your earbuds.

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10. Zombies Run

zombies run

On the bottom of the list, Zombies Run is another considerable replacement for the Strava in persuading you to run. If you want to run with fun, then trying Zombies Run could be highly beneficial. They combined the app between zombie fun and fitness goals to make it more unique.

However, the app has focused on running games and audio materials. Its highly enthusiastic audio element always pumps up to tie your shoes and run outside. Moreover, it has GPS to track your running.

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