Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives that we just can’t throw them away. Naturally, our younger generation is more inclined towards them as they easily find themselves with a smartphone every now and then. 

While there is nothing much you can do to stop it, there are certain ways by which you can utilize smartphones to your advantage and make your kids or toddlers learn new things. Some great toddler apps for iPhones and iPads available in the market. 

These apps promote learning in a fun and interactive way. This guide will find the list of the best toddler apps for iPad and iPhone that will help your kids interactively learn new stuff. 

Best Toddler Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. Kids Academy Learning Games

Kids Academy Learning Games

Kids Academy is one of the most popular toddler apps on iPad and iPhone. It is a go-to choice for many parents to promote learning to their kids. This app is essential if your kid is about to join a preschool or has joined a preschool. 

The app has over 1300 educational games, videos, and printables that promote learning of every kind. The games cover subjects like math, writing, phonics, and reading, making it easy for the kids to learn everything. To make everything interactive, the app has interactive flashcards and mazes. So make sure to give it a try.

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2. Toddler Learning Game- EduKitty

Toddler Learning Game-EduKitty

Next up on the list is EduKitty and this is a fun and adorable learning app for kids. The app comes with a cute virtual cat that teaches your kids everything. Be it shapes, colors, alphabets, numbers, or alphabet sounds, this app teaches them all. 

Overall, it is a fun learning environment for the kids as they enjoy playing with the cat. The best thing is that they also learn a few things. Within the app, you will find around 13 interactive games that promote every type of learning. The app’s graphics, sound effects, user interface, etc., are smooth and good for kids.  

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3. Math Kids – Add,Subtract,Count

Math Kids - Add,Subtract,Count

Mathematics is always quite tricky for kids, but not if you make their foundation strong. Math Kids is a perfect app for helping you in the process. Unlike many other apps that just make it complicated and hard, this app is designed with much thoughtfulness. 

Because of that, your kids can easily learn to interact with numbers and counting early. The app is of great value for kids beginning to learn addition and subtraction. So make sure that you start utilizing this app for your kids. 

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4. Baby Shark Best Kids Songs

Baby Shark Best Kids Songs

One thing that kids love is dancing and if you want to introduce your kid to the world of dancing, this app is the way to go. The app has all the latest nursery rhymes and dance videos, some of the best. Another great thing is that the app also has the adorable Pinkfong Baby Shark.

Overall, it has all the elements that kids love, so there is no way you can go wrong with this. It also allows curious kids to learn ABC Phonics, numbers, etc. New content is added regularly to the app, so it is just the best. 

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5. Farm Animals and Animal Sounds

Farm Animals and Animal Sounds

Kids learning about animals and animal sounds is one of the cutest things ever and it is also necessary. With this app’s unique approach, you can easily familiarize your kids with farm animals and animal sounds. 

The app comes with jigsaw puzzles, animal sounds, and memory games to keep the kids hooked and entertained. The puzzle pieces are very easy to move on the screen; kids just love moving them and learning about animals. It is fun to make your kids learn about new stuff without boredom

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6. Pumba First Words for Baby and Toddlers

Learn First Words for Toddlers

The first words of kids are always crucial and remarkable. So why not help them learn some good ones, right? Well, this app is going to help you in this area. This is an educational app that introduces your kids to everyday vocabulary. 

With beautiful colors, a fun interface, and adorable characters, the app has everything that will keep a kid hooked and learn new stuff. With this app, your kid can learn about colors, animals, body parts, numbers, and more. Overall, the app will be a good use of time for your kid. 

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7. Animals for Toddlers 

Animals for Toddlers

Here is another app that will help kids learn about animals; this has a unique approach. It comes with six different sceneries. Each scenery has some animals and some surprising elements. 

The best thing, however, is the graphics of the game. When you tap on an animal, the app allows you to interact with them and hear its sound. It is highly interactive and promotes learning in kids at the same time. 

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8. Baby Flash Cards

Baby Flash Cards

Going back to a tried and tested approach for promoting learning in kids, Baby Flash Cards is easily one of the best toddler apps for iPhone and iPad. This app comes with a bunch of interactive games that allow your kids to learn the names of various things like objects, animals, letters, numbers, animals, etc. 

The app also comes with audio and video sounds that make a strong learning impact on making everything interesting. The best thing is that the app has support for over 13 languages. So it does not matter where you are; you can utilize this app for your kids. 

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