These days smartphones can take HD and even 4K videos in a matter of a click. That’s why it’s no surprise that users are looking for fast and easy video editing apps.

Modern apps have impressive features, such as branded assets, footage resizing, music, sounds, and eye-catching filters for your videos. Stand out from the crowd with innovative, mind-blowing videos that will impress your followers!

With the rapid growth of Instagram Stories and Tik Tok, it’s the perfect time to find useful video software. In this article, we have put together the best video editing apps for iPhone and Android, for both beginners and professionals.

1.) PicPlayPost

PicPlayPostPicPlayPost is a vertical video editor designed for smartphones and social media. You can use it to edit your Instagram Stories and Instagram TV.

Besides, the app can also help you to edit more than one video in the frame. They offer a 14-days free trial and a monthly subscription plan after that.

iOS | Android

2.) Movavi Clips

Movavi ClipsMovavi Clips is a free video editor with powerful features that allows you to create outstanding movies on your smartphone. You can add some trending effects to your footage along with standard features, like cutting, cropping, adding music, and overlaying filters.

The app gives you the ability to apply slow motion, reverse, and other special effects. No need to watch numerous ads to save your video or apply effects because Movavi has no ads!

iOS | Android

3.) Horizon

HorizonOne of the challenges all video creators face is taking videos horizontally. However, the app Horizon can help you to solve this problem quickly.

It allows you to capture horizontal videos no matter what position your mobile device is in. There are 25 filters to enhance your videos in the app.

iOS | Android

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4.) Life Lapse

Life LapseThe number of stop-motion videos on social media has dramatically increased! If you are struggling to find a handy app for creating stop-motion videos, Life Lapse is exactly what you need.

When you have all your shots captured, the app will smoothly stitch them together into nice stop-motion footage. In the free version, you’ll have 15 songs, but if you want more music, you can upgrade your pricing plan.

iOS | Android

5.) KineMaster

KinemasterCut your videos frame-by-frame with KineMaster. It was created for all perfectionists out there because you can edit your video precisely frame by frame just in a couple of clicks. You can edit every second of your video clip.

Besides, KineMaster lets you edit layers of videos, add music and sounds, and record voice-overs. Note that this app is free, but if you want to remove the watermark from your videos, you need to upgrade your monthly plan.

iOS | Android

6.) InShot App

InShot AppInShot is an all-in-one video editor app with numerous features. With InShot, you can create videos, merge videos and photos, edit multiple video layers, add music, crop the footage, create image collages, and more.

The app is free, but it has limited features. You can upgrade the pricing plan and buy a yearly subscription for about $12.

iOS | Android

7.) Tezza

TezzaTezza is a photo and video editing app created by Instagram influencer Tezza with over 1M followers. This app is the best option to add a trendy filter to your videos after editing them in different apps.

With the Tezza app, you can add filters not only to photos but to videos as well. Tezza also allows you to apply different video effects, for example, stop motion, dust, subtitles, and frames.

iOS | Android

8.) Video Shop

Video ShopVideo Shop is an excellent mobile video editor app. With its help, you can slow the footage down, trim second with ease, and merge many clips into one video. It’s an ideal choice for fast editing on the go.

Also, it lets you add animated transmissions, add background music, and apply enhancing filters.

iOS | Android

9.) Filmm

FilmmFilmm is packed with various filters and editing features, such as realistic frames, professional transmissions, story splitting options, and proper cropping. Moreover, you can clip, trim, cut, reverse, and duplicate your clips as you like.

This app is paid: you can purchase a yearly subscription for $29,99 or a monthly plan for $5,99. Try this app for three days for free.

iOS | Android

Video Editing Apps for iPhone Only

We decided to share a bonus of three apps for the iPhone with you. All these apps have different features and possibilities to choose what app you like the best.

10.) Clipomatic

ClipomaticDo you know that many people watch Instagram Stories without sound? That’s why it’s important to add subtitles to your video Stories.

Cliptomatic is one of the simplest ways to add captions to your Instagram Stories and videos. Plus, the app allows you to customize subtitles’ fonts and add friendly filters to your videos. The app is available in 40 languages.


11.) Splice App

Splice AppSplice App is a popular iPhone tool designed by GoPro. The app has a simple, intuitive interface. The app says for its name; that’s why Splice can help you merge different videos into a stunning video.

You can also customize transmissions, crop videos, add subtitles, and choose any song from a massive free music library. Add title slides and text overlays in a few clicks with the Splice app.


12.) Hyperlapse

HyperlapseHyperlapse is one of the best ways to capture time-lapse videos. Designed by Instagram, this app lets you take amazing time-lapse videos and change the footage’s speed (you can’t do that with a standard time-lapse iPhone feature).

Also, with Hyperlapse, you don’t need a tripod to capture a perfect sunset because it has impressive stabilization technology.


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We hope you enjoyed this collection of the best video editing apps we’ve prepared. Some apps allow you to create only stop-motion or time-lapse videos, while others offer multiple features to create professional videos on your phone.

Please read the descriptions, download the apps, and use them for a few days. Thankfully, most apps provide a free trial period, and you can test-drive all of them.


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