Earlier, people used to hire graphic designers to create their cartoon avatars, but thanks to the flexibility of android and ios platforms, which solves this problem. So now you can create your cartoon image and add majestic creativity in just a few clicks. Today In this article, we will briefly elaborate on the best photo to cartoon applications that you can use to create your avatar.

It’s boring to share simple images on social profiles with filters, common in all the applications. Still, the comical images can boost up your engagement on social profiles. To create a comical picture of yourself, you need to have these kinds of third-party applications. If you are a photography lover, then we are sure you will love these applications.

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List of Best Photo To Cartoon Apps for Android and iOS

Now you can create your comical images in a few seconds and share them on your favorite social media. It’s never been easy, earlier. Then, it was hard to create such amazing sketchy and cartoon effects images, but now it’s like a few seconds of work with few clicks.

1.) Cartoon Photo – Pictures Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon Photo

This application provides you a simple design with powerful editing. With this application, you can convert your normal selfie into a glamourous photo in just a few seconds. Moreover, it comes with so many filters that you can use to add some creativity to your images.

We have personally used this application to check the features; the feature we like the most is transforming your image into oil paintings, Pencil drawings & sketches, etc. Unleash your creativity with manual designing features and by applying different filters to your images.

Download for Android

2.) Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Pictures

Looking for a Powerful selfie camera Photo Editor app, then this app is for you. With different cartoon filters, you can enjoy amazing cartoon filters. Experience the art exhibition of cartoons, oil paintings, artistic picture effects, and much more.

Turn yourself into a cartoon with few clicks. You can upload or directly click your picture from this app and cartoon yourself.

Download for Android

3.) Cartoon Photo Editor – Pencil Sketch Art

Cartoon Photo Editor

Turn your photos into funny cartoons with this wonderful application. Transform your photos into amazing artwork with its cool functions. Impress your friends with stunning sketch art.

Pop up your artistic pictures in front of your friends and showcase your creativity with just a few clicks. Then, stand out from the crowd with cartoon features photo makers.

Download for Android 

4.) Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

If you are looking for a high-quality and high-resolution picture editing app, then Clip2Comic is for you. Transform your photos into caricatures and sketches in few seconds with the simplicity and the advanced features of this app.

You can create comic clips too with this app, which makes it more interesting to use. Moreover, with the live preview function, you can see the world with a comical effect, one of the amazing features of Clip2Comic.

Download for iOS

5.) Cartoon yourself & Caricature

Cartoon yourself & Caricature

Wow, your friends with cartoonist caricature with your selfie photos. Create a funny image of yourself with its cool effects in a few seconds, then share your animated video and get attraction on social media. It has tons of hilarious photo effects. Become an alien, Martian, and much more with its powerful features.

Download for iOS

6.) Sketch Me! – Sketch & Cartoon

Sketch Me! - Sketch & Cartoon

Create instant artworks in a few seconds with this powerful cartoon app. With the beautiful sketch effects, you will get an amazing masterpiece. This app also provides you manual settings like Contrast, brightness, saturation adjustment so that you can create your masterpiece according to your creativity.

Effects like black strokes, white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, and color sketch add up a real effect in your photo, which shows this app’s decency.

Download for Android 

7.) Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo Editor

This app is handy for designers who need a snapshot to get some new shading ideas in animation or artwork. Plenty of filters, user-friendly adjustments, and ease of use makes this a super creative app.

Use the back and front cameras of your phone to apply real-time effects. A wonderful feature about this app is it provides autofocus and pinch-zoom, which helps you click the super-focused image.

Download for Android

8.) Artista Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects

ArtistA Cartoon

It’s time to turn your phone into an art gallery. Fascinating, unique, and amazing Art filters inspired by famous artists. It is fully packed with many amazing features that allow you to showcase your creativity by applying different effects and adjustments.

Create a masterpiece like Da Vinci with its amazing filters and effects. Collage-making features let you showcase your multiple photos in a single one. If you are a fan of the prism effect, then this app will be your best choice.

Download for Android 

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