We often forget when we walk into a room looking for something and, in the meantime, forget why we are here. And we often forget our wishlist when in a store. Relatable?

Preparing your wishlist for the next big occasion or shopping is always better than messing up everything at the peak moment. The more you organize the wishlist for you and your loved one, the more fruitful it will be for both of you.

When we have a smartphone with us, nothing is hard to organize. We will share the best wishlist apps for android and iOS so that you can’t miss anything for your needs and wants.

Best Wishlist Apps for Android and iPhone (iOS)

Finding a free wishlist app for mobile is always irritating work. Well, we have done the tedious job for you. Here is a list of the best wishlist apps.

1. Giftster


At the top of the list, we present Giftster, one of the best wishlist apps. With this app, you can create a wishlist for your family members without knowing them, so the pleasure of giving gifts never fades away.

The app is very effective in avoiding duplicate gifts or poor gift choices. It will even help you avoid relying only on gift cards. Apart from this, you can also fetch auto-add gifts from different websites.

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2. Wish Explorer

wish explorer

If you often forget what you want to buy, the Wish Explorer can organize your wishlist pretty conveniently. All you have to do is list all of your and other important life events so that you can wish and gift them.

On top of that, you can also prepare a wish list for your friends and families. Moreover, you can edit that wish list from anywhere and anytime you want. Wish Explorer also has a share feature to share wishes with others.

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3. Wishr


Want to be ready earlier for a perfect wedding, birthday, Christmas, or other event? Then Wishr will help you prepare and organize. With the app, you can send wishes to others conveniently.

Creating a wish list will be a child’s play with Wishr. The rich-featured app also allows sharing of lists. The app will even help you with bunches of gift ideas. Another interesting thing is that everyone can get what they want in the first place.

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4. Wishfinity


Another considerable app on our list is Wishfinity, offered by EGGTOOTH. It allows you to easily find all your wishes and save them in one place.

If you struggle to manage multiple wish lists from many retailers, Wishfinity can help you eliminate this. Moreover, you can save all your lists and gifts secretly.

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5. Wishupon


Wishupon is one of the best wishlist apps for android, iPhone, and iPad users. The app comes with bunches of features to reduce stress over big events. And universal shopping wishlist feature is one of them.

You can save many items from different stores in one place. The app will let you know about offers and discounts. Even the app will notify the price drop of an item. Hence, you can also create a poll for friends and families on whether to buy the item or not.

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6. Wish Sprout

Wish Sprout

Do you want the opinion of your friends and family before buying anything? Then Wish Sprout can surely help you. Almost all popular online stores are available inside the app, which is an important feature for finding the best gift for your sweet one.

With the app’s help, you can create a checklist to know which item has been brought or which has yet to buy. Hence, your friend can choose an item on your list as a gift. All-in-all, Wish Sprout is an impressive app for creating a wish list.

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7. GettaGift


GettaGift is a wishlist app for iPhones and iPads to manage your gift purchases and gift-giving.

The app nicely organizes every event in every category. You can share your wish list with friends so they can cross-check. Moreover, you can secretly mark your gift registry. Overall, it is a very good app for iOS users.

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8. Ultimate Wishlist

ultimate wishlist

Ultimate Wishlist is another significant app for creating wishlists. The app allows users to easily create wishlists, gift ideas, and registry lists without registering.

The app is very effective for big occasions such as the New Year, weddings, and Christmas. You can also check gift ideas from friends and families.

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9. Volo Wishlist

volo wishlist

When it comes to the best free wishlist apps list, the Volo Wishlist app also deserves a spot. You can create unlimited wishlists using the app without paying a single buck.

The app has included many shopping lists to pick the right one. Even you can share it through mail and SMS.

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10. Wishworks


The last of our wishlist apps list. Wishworks is another pretty useful app for creating a wishlist for friends and family in one place.

Ask your friends what they love to get as a gift, collect opinions, and surprise them with a precious gift. The app compares the price of an item with different stores, which can save you a lot of money.

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Final Words

A smile always emerges on their face when you give a perfect item as a gift. Even you can take advantage of any app from the best wishlist apps for Android and iOS when you have to buy many items at once.


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