Do you want to block Ads in iPhone games? Then you need to check this guide till the end to know how to do this in easy steps. There are a lot of free games available on the App Store. While these games are free to download and fun to play, the only issue is the display advertisements.

While you try to have an immersive gaming experience, the ad keeps popping on the screen. Mind you that not all games you find on App Store show non-stop ads while you try to wrap your head around the game. Only while playing a few games may you encounter this issue.

These games and their developers make money through display ads. There is nothing wrong with it. The developers of the game worked hard to create something. They very well deserve to make money from the product they are selling.

This, however, should not happen at the cost of the user experience of the gamer getting disrupted now and then. Hence, the requirement arises to block Ads in iPhone games.

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Various Methods to Block Ads in iPhone games

I have explained some simple and free methods to block ads in iPhone games. Let us check them out.

1. Turn off Mobile Data and WiFi Connection on your iPhone

When you disrupt the internet connectivity depending upon whether you are using WiFi or basic mobile data, you can block ads in iPhone games. This is for offline games. You can play the game without any advertisements popping up on the screen now and then.

  1. Launch the Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Mobile Data and tap on it.
  3. Then tap on the switch beside mobile data to turn it off.
    disable mobile data on iPhone to block ads in iPhone games

If you are connected to a WiFi after opening the Settings app,

  1. Navigate to WiFi and tap on it.
  2. Then tap the switch beside WiFi to turn it off.
    disable WiFi connection on iPhone

2. Enable Flight Mode on iPhone to Block Ads on iPhone Games

Here is another way to help you block the ads on iPhone games. This method also disconnects your iPhone from the internet completely. It results in no advertisements showing up on the screen while you are busy enjoying your game.

You can easily enable fight mode by accessing the iOS Control Center. Here are the steps for you.

  1. If you have an iPhone or iPad with the home button, then swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to invoke the control center.
  2. Otherwise, if you have an iPhone or iPad without the home button, swipe downwards from the screen’s upper-right corner to open the control center.
  3. In the control center, tap the airplane icon to enable the flight mode. The icon will turn orange, denoting that the connectivity with the internet has been terminated.
    toggle flight mode to fix LTE 4G not working iPhone

Keep in mind that enabling flight mode or completely disabling the mobile data or WiFi will work only if the game is entirely offline playable. If some of the game’s features or functionality requires the internet to run, then disrupting the iPhone from the internet won’t let the game run.

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3. Disable Mobile Data Specifically for iPhone Game to block Ads

If you do not want to disable the mobile data entirely on your iPhone, then utilize this method. It will help you not miss out on important phone calls, WhatsApp messages, or texts while playing the game.

Specifically for the game you are playing, you can disable the mobile data by visiting the game settings on iOS.

  1. Go to the iOS Settings.
  2. Then navigate to the game you are playing on the iPhone.
  3. Scroll to Mobile Data and tap on the switch to disable it for that game exclusively.
    disable mobile data for game app to block ads in iPhone games

With the internet disabled for that game, there will be no display advertisements while you are gaming.

4. Enable AdGuard DNS Server on iPhone

Here is a method to block ads on iPhone games that may be a little tech-savvy. If you install this DNS profile on your iPhone and enable the DNS, then it will remove the advertisements from your iPhone. This trick works regardless of whether you have installed iOS 15 and iOS 16 on your iPhone.

  1. Visit the official website of Adguard DNS.
  2. Navigate to Method #2 Configure Adguard DNS Manually and tap on it.
  3. You will see the expanded sub-menu will list several popular operating systems.
  4. Tap on iOS as we have to grab the Adguard DNS to block ads on iPhone games.
  5. Select Default Server and tap on Download Configuration Profile.
    download adguard dns profile
  6. The profile will be downloaded to the Settings app of the iPhone.
  7. Open the Settings app and tap on Profile Downloaded.
  8. Tap on Install to install the Adguard DNS profile.
    install adguard DNS to block ads in iPhone games

4. Activate Adguard DNS on Your iPhone

Here are a few steps to check and enable Adguard DNS on the iPhone to block ads in the games.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on General.
  2. Under that, scroll to VPN and Device Management.
    iOS DNS management
  3. Navigate to DNS and tap on it.
  4. Check that DoH has been selected.
    enable DNS adguard on iPhone

If you want to disable the Adguard DNS, follow the steps above, and in the 4th step, change the permission to Automatic. The ads will again start appearing on the iPhone games.

set automatic DNS on iPhone

Wrapping Up

The gaming experience should always be engaging and immersive. As long as advertisements keep popping up while playing games, users won’t find it interesting. If you are an enthusiast gamer who likes passing the time dabbling with fun games on iPhone, then block the ads on iPhone games by using this guide.


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