With Elon Musk restricting the tweet viewing ability, many users started barging towards the alternatives – Mastadon and Bluesky, which reported increased sign-ups during this period.

Bluesky, funded by Twitter’s former CEO and founder, Jack Dorsey, saw a sharp spike in new sign-ups. This led the platform to pause new registrations temporarily, as it’s slowing down the site for existing users.

People Flocking Around Bluesky

Since yesterday, Twitter has been going crazy with new “temporary” rules like blocking unregistered people from viewing tweets and setting considering restrictions for existing users.

While Elon Musk stated the cause of these new restrictions is to prevent data pillage so much, some suspect that Twitter is going through an infrastructure transition process that’s making the experience slow and buggy for all. Maybe it’s because Elon Musk is trying to shift Twitter resources from Google Cloud to their own, to prevent the millions of fees yearly.

Though it’s reported that Twitter’s new CEO has managed to continue their relationship with Google Cloud, Musk may still be looking for a long-term solution, which is relying on its resources. Whatever the reason, this led to havoc at Twitteras the new restrictions cap the tweet viewing ability for verified users at 8,000/day, unverified users to 800/day and new unverified users to 400/day.

This drew massive criticism from the native users and the social media community, which saw an influx of Twitter users to alternatives like Mastodon and Bluesky. One tracking service notes Mastodon recorded more than 26,000 new accounts yesterday, while Bluesky cannot keep up with the traffic!

The decentralised social media platform on Saturday said it’s pausing new sign-ups “temporarily” as it’s dealing with performance issues. Though it needs invite codes to join, this has been limited to serving the existing users. And at 30PM ET, Bluesky said it’s dealing with “record-high traffic” and has been pushing out mobile app updates to fix things.