A bug found in Truecaller app started creating UPI ids for so many users without asking for their consent. There are so many people out there who don’t even know that a user id has been created under their name.

The latest version of the Truecaller app (10.41.6) has automatically started the registration process for so many users on the platform.

The users took this issue to Twitter and shared their concerns. One user who goes by the name @codepodu on Twitter stated that the OTP for registration was sent to a wrong number and then he got a message from ICICI bank saying that “Your registration for UPI app has started.” The banks that give UPI  Id and the bank that you are using can be different. Even if you are operating with ICICI bank, you can get a UPI from Axis bank.

Truecaller Issued Immediate Rollout Of Update

Bug in Truecaller Created Several UPI Accounts Without Customer’s Permission
Bug in Truecaller Created Several UPI Accounts Without Customer’s Permission

The Truecaller app immediately issued a statement mentioning that the glitch in their system has affected a tiny fraction of the Android users across India. Truecaller rolled out an immediate fix for the bug. All the users who were registered to UPI without their consent will be de-registered from UPI services.

NPCI stated that they have observed the issue with Truecaller app already. They will take the necessary precautions to avoid any further issues. If there are still any issues that are non-compliant, the officials will take care of those issues. The latest bug of Truecaller bypassed two stages of registration-

  1. Selection of bank and
  2. Validation of mobile number, sending the SMS to mobile and reading it

The app read the message sent to the user’s mobile number by itself, and this started the panic among users. The one thing that is worrying users is the breach of personal data.


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