Entrepreneur Elon Musk claims that a project to develop a city on the surface of Mars can take up to 20 years. The SpaceX head went on to give details about this probable venture and the prospectives of this coming true. Musk and his team are visioning a long term project to build a sustainable residential area on Mars, a move that is considered far fetched by many.

Musk attended the US Airforce startup pitching event earlier this week, where he addressed reporters on this huge project. According to his theory, around 1000+ spaceships are required to pull off the objective laid forward by Space X. These spaceships will ship cargo, fuel, and construction crew from the Earth to the Moon.

Building City On Mars to take 20 Years
Building City On Mars to take 20 Years

The team will be knowledgeable of modern hydraulics and the latest updates in space pioneering. The entire project can take more than 20 years because NASA and other space agencies allow limited rockets to travel to space in a single year.

Visions To Start Off By 2024: SpaceX CEO

The project is estimated to begin by 2024, and NASA will provide assistance to this venture. The NASA Space Stations and orbitals will provide navigational aids and refuelling to the spaceships flying to Mars for the project. Elon Musk is also interested in roping in the Indian Space Research Organisation for this project.

India has successfully managed to complete its Mars missions a few years ago. Indian Scientists will be able to provide informative data to Space X. This can help them achieve enhanced results during their Mars residential project.

Twitter went frenzy after Musk’s address telecasted in news reports. Some are calling it an exaggeration and farfetched while others believe in his vision. It depends on everyone’s perspective if it is an impressive or over-ambitious venture.


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