Are you trying to use some sites but unable to access them because those sites require SMS verification and you don’t want to share your phone number? So don’t worry; in this article, we have covered this topic after much research.

Nowadays, we rely on digital technology for activities like shopping, communication, paying bills, food delivery, etc. In that case, sharing your phone number anywhere online can compromise security.

To avoid this situation, you can use disposable mobile numbers. Many websites provide services to help you bypass phone number verification. After testing several websites, we have compiled a list of the best bypass phone number websites you can try today.

What is a Disposable Phone number?

A disposable phone number is a temporary number that can be used to log in to websites or apps where you don’t want to share your personal phone number. You can use this to bypass SMS verification and gain access to the website.

It will be discarded after a certain period of time, but you can create a new disposable number without any issues. Do not use it for communication purposes, as it will expire after some time and you will not be able to use the same number again.

Best Websites to Bypass SMS Verification Online

Here we have listed the best websites to bypass SMS verification online. Each website has its own unique features, so please read the options below carefully.

1. Receive SMS

Receive sms

Receive SMS is a website that provides three random disposable phone numbers that you can use to bypass SMS verification. When you use these numbers, the verification code will appear in the inbound messages section of the website.

You can also create your private inbox and get a dedicated number by purchasing their plans. Additionally, this site also offers a bitcoin payment method.


2. Free Phone Num


This is another website where you will get dummy numbers for free. It offers 10 US numbers and 5 Canadian numbers that can be used for verifying SMS codes.

Using this site, you can also send text messages and make phone calls, but this feature is only available for Canadian and US users.


3. Receive SMS Online For Free

Receive sms online for free

It provides a US dummy number to verify the SMS code. To use it, simply copy and paste the number on the website you want to verify without revealing your number.

In addition, you can also purchase virtual phone numbers from various countries, like Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada. The plans for each number are different depending on the country.


4. Free Online Phone

Free Online Phone

This is another website that provides temporary phone numbers. The best thing about the app is that you can get numbers from multiple countries, like Canada, the US, and the UK. It is free to use, but if you want to buy a longer number, you can also do that.


5. SMS Receive

SMS Receive

This site has a lot of temporary phone numbers from places like the UK, France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. All those dummy phone numbers are free to use.

It will show you real-time messages so you can see the code immediately. This website also offers the option of purchasing private phone numbers that help you keep your personal phone number private.


6. ReceiveSMS


Here you will get so many temporary numbers to bypass SMS verification. It has phone numbers from eight countries: France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the USA, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands.

The website has the option to see all the active numbers you can use right now. One downside of this website is that you must wait for an SMS for a maximum of one minute.


7. Receive SMS Online

Receive sms online

This is a simple website that provides disposable phone numbers. It offers eight phone numbers from different countries.

To receive the verification code, select a number from the available list and paste it on the website that requires verification. After a few seconds, the code will be displayed on this website, which you can copy and paste into the target website.




On this website, you can find various temporary phone numbers similar to other sites, but if you need an Indian number, then you can try this website.

You can anonymously receive an OTP through these temporary numbers without sharing your personal details or mobile number.


9. Indian Number

Indian number

This website is specifically for Indians but also provides USA and Nepal phone numbers. This website lets you keep your personal number private and receive an OTP code online for free.

You can also buy private Indian numbers from this website, which you can use for long periods. With this Indian number, you can use it to create WhatsApp, Telegram, and other accounts to keep your details private.


10. Text Magic

Text Magic

On this website, you can choose temporary phone numbers from 25 countries worldwide, including Chile, Estonia, Hong Kong, Israel, Spain, the US, the UK, and many others.

We have listed this website last because it is not free; you will get a trial, but after the trial, you will have to pay.



I hope you have found this article informative and helpful. Almost all of these websites are free to use and secure as well. However, please do not use these websites for any illegal activity, as it may be a punishable offense. Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions regarding this article or any other questions.


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