CamScanner, the most popular mobile app for creating PDFs has now fallen prey for malware. If you are using the free version of this app, then it is better you uninstall the app. There are some thousands of documents that were hacked with the help of malware in CamScanner. As of now, Google removed the app completely from the Play Store due to this malware attack.

There are more than 100+ million users for CamScanner and although Google removed it from Play Store it is still present in the devices of these users. It is not safe to use this CamScanner anymore as the app has malware and any document that you scan and upload with the help of this app can be seen by the hackers.

Trojan Drop Will Allow Hackers To Remotely Access The Files

CamScanner is No More Available In Google Play Store Due To Malware
CamScanner is No More Available In Google Play Store Due To Malware

The hackers have used a trojan drop which will give them access to all the files present on CamScanner remotely. This Trojan drop will download the malicious files onto the user’s phone without their knowledge. These files will let the hackers see the files that you are scanning on the device.

So many CamScanner users found the change in the app’s performance and started mentioning the issue in the Play Store by giving a low rating. This attracted the Kaspersky security researchers and when they went through the app, they found this Trojan drop. The app developers were partners with an unscrupulous advertiser and this has lead to the malware attack on the software.

The users who don’t have a premium subscription will find ads in the app while using it. This is how the malware was injected into this app. The same kind of module was found in the preinstalled apps in Chinese smartphones and this indeed proves how dangerous this malware is. It is advised for all the CamScanner users to delete the app and wait until it is clean.


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