Mac Address is a unique identifier assigned to a network device to give them identity. Every network device came with a different mac address set by their manufacturer. You can not change mac address once it’s assigned to the device like an IP address.

There is no need to change mac address on your computer most of the time because it is a hardware approach and the manufacturer has already assigned one to your device. However, you can change mac address on the hardware level because they programmed mac address while creating the device. So on the other way, you can spoof mac addresses using third-party tools and other methods.

If for some reason, you need to spoof your mac address like your network device in the spam list of ISP, etc., that we create multiple ways to change the mac address in the windows 11 operating system.

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List of Best Ways to Change Mac Address on Windows 11

Let’s move to the multiple methods to change the mac address in windows 11. This guide includes a basic and advanced level method to spoof mac addresses. You can try it with the inbuilt windows utility or use third-party tools.

Method 1: Using Device Manager

Even though Windows 11 provides you with the option of assigning random hardware addresses, doing so can help protect your privacy by making it more difficult for others to track the location of your device.

If you require a different MAC address, follow these simple steps to do the same using Device Manager:

  1. First, click on the Windows button to open the Start Menu and 11 settings
  2. Now in the settings window, go to About > Device Manager.About > Device ManagerAbout > Device Manager
  3. After that, expand Network Adapters.expand Network Adapters
  4. In-network adapters, double the adapter you want to change the Mac address. Either way, you can right-click and select adapters properties
  5. Now switch to the Advanced tab, and choose Network Address from the Property dialog box.
  6. Finally, click on the Value box, enter your desired Mac address, and click OK. Remember, Mac address can range from number 1 to 10 and mixture of letters A to F. But only 12 digits.Enter the value of new MAC Address
  7. When complete, if you want to check your Mac Address, open Command Prompt and enter this code:
    ipconfig /all

Command Prompt View Mac Address

Method 2: Using Third-Party Tools

Using third-party tools is an easy way to alter the Mac address. We are using the SMAC Mac Address Spoofing tool because it is easy to use and free. Follow these simple steps to learn how you can also do the same.

  1. Firstly, you need to Download SMAC MAC Address Spoofer.
  2. Proceed with the installation using the on-screen guide.
  3. In the main window of SMAC, you will see a list of network adapters. Select the network adapter you are using and enter your desired Mac address Below.
  4. When entered, click on Update Mac.UPDATE MAC address

That’s it. Now your Mac address is successfully changed. However, if you don’t wish to use a third-party tool, go through our next method.

Method 3: Using Registry Editor

Registry Editor is a powerful built-in windows modification tool. You can check our guide about opening Registry Editor in Windows if you face any difficulty doing that. But, first, let’s understand the steps to change the Mac address using Registry Editor without further delay.

  1. Open the Registry Editor by typing Regedit in the Windows search box.
  2. When prompted, click on Yes.
  3. Now minimize the Registry Editor window, press Windows key + X, and open Command Prompt/Windows Terminal.
  4. Type this code: net config rdr and press Enter.
  5. Now find Workstation active on and note it down the number somewhere.
  6. Now re-open minimized Registry Editor and go to this address:
  7. Now expand the 001 Folder. Make sure NetCfgInstanceId is your current ID. Check that.
  8. After that, click right-click anywhere in the hollow space and New > String Value. Enter NetworkAddress as the name and save it.
  9. Now double click NetworkAddress and enter a new Value Data (Mac address) you wish to use.
  10. Click on OK and you are done changing your Mac address.

However, before proceeding with the above method, we recommend backing up your Registry Editor data so that in case if anything goes wrong, you can restore it.

Well, that’s all we have here about changing the MAC address on Windows 11. We hope this guide has helped you. Let us know in the comments section which method you found to be the easiest.


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