Do you know that you can charge Apple Watch without a charger? In this guide, let us check out how we can do this. Apple Watch is one of the most useful modern days smartwatches, loaded with awesome features. However, with so many features, extensive use causes quick battery draining. What if you forgot to bring along the dedicated Apple Watch charger?

Apple Watch is an important gadget to record your daily workout and offer glances over notifications. Brimming with features and a hands-free user experience, it is normal that users can’t go without the Apple Watch. Let us check out the various ways how you can charge Apple Watch without a charger.

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How To Charge Apple Watch With Charger

It is a no-brainer that you possess an iPhone when you use an Apple Watch. An iPhone has a dedicated power adapter that juices up the device. You can use the same power brick and charge Apple Watch.

  1. Plug the iPhone charger into a wall-mounted power socket.
  2. Now, connect the other end of the cable to the Apple watch port.

Best Ways to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

There are quite a few excellent alternatives that you can use to charge Apple Watch when you do not have a dedicated charger.

1. Use the Hidden Port on Apple Watch 

Hidden Port on Apple WatchUnless you are some hotshot tech-savvy person, you may not know that your Apple Watch has a six-pin port at its bottom end.

You can access this port when you remove the wristband from the watch body. It is a diagnostic port that was supposed to be used by Apple tech support to find any possible technical issues with the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, it was discovered that you could charge the device using the Apple Watch diagnostic port. Also, compared to the regular charging method, this alternate approach can charge the watch around seven times faster.

Taking advantage of this, a company started making wriststraps for the Apple watches. These straps could recharge the watch right when you are wearing it. Cool right? Unfortunately, this product was taken down by Apple.

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Apple intervened in this, citing health hazards due to possible overheating issues that may cause electrical damage and harm the user. Apple has blocked this method of charging the Apple Watch. You may try the other methods mentioned in the guide.

2. Utilize Portable Power Bank to Juice up Apple Watch

Today in the online market, you can easily find compatible power banks that can easily charge Apple gadgets. Most of them can charge Apple Watch as well. These are portable units that you can carry around in your backpack.  Also, they will charge your device pretty fast.

They come with connectors suitable for Apple device ports. Just connect the power bank cable to the Apple watch’s charging port. That’s it.

3. Using a Computer to Charge Apple Watch

Alternatively, you can connect a USB cable to your PC’s USB port. It may be a laptop or desktop running on Windows OS or macOS. Then connect the Apple Watch to the other end of the cable. The watch will start charging right away. Using this method, the charging time may be slower than when you use the native Apple Watch charger.

When you forget to bring along the Apple Watch charger but have your laptop with you, connect it with the laptop. The Watch will charge itself using the battery or electric power from the computer.

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4. Charge Apple Watch with Batfree Power Strap

A few years back a company named Togvu came forward with a power strap for Apple Watches. This means your Apple Watch can be charged on the go when you are wearing it on your wrist. These straps were branded as Batfree power straps.

A lot of users pre-ordered these straps. However, the company has since provided no update on these power straps. Unfortunately, the users who have placed the pre-order have also not received any refund.


Apple Watch has become a part of most Apple enthusiasts’ lives. Features such as ECG and SPO2 monitoring, along with sleep tracking or recording steps, attract everyone to use the device all the time.

For efficient use, the watch needs to be on full juice at all times. With the methods in this guide, you can now charge an Apple Watch without using the charger.


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