For the first time since its inception, ChatGPT has seen declined traffic to its service, resulting from various reasons.

Similarweb states that ChatGPT in June saw a 9.7% fall in traffic compared to the previous month. This includes the traffic to its iOS app and website, where ChatGPT has both public and paid versions. Most attribute the fallen popularity to the rise of rivals of Google Bard and Bing AI.

Decline ChatGPT’s Popularity

Since its inception in late 2022, ChatGPT has only been growing in popularity. The AI chatbot was so hit that it triggered the tech giants to start similar services and further fuelled the AI race. But the trend is also killing the ChatGPT, to an extent.

Similarweb reports that user traffic to ChatGPT’s website and iOS app fell last month – making it the first-ever slump since the chatbot’s inception. The report noted a traffic decline of 9.7% in June compared to the previous month.

This coincides with Sensor Tower’s report stating the fall of the download rate of ChatGPT’s iOS app, in July, after peaking earlier in the month. While there are several reasons for this fall, the major one could be due to its rivals. Google has come up with Bard, and there’s Character.AI, and the biggest of all, Bing AI.

Microsoft strategically invested a considerable sum in OpenAI – the maker of ChatGPT, the led the AI chatbot to be integrated into Microsoft’s Bing Search, with all the capabilities. Similarweb depicted this with Microsoft’s search gaining traffic between February and March when Bing AI became publicly available, and the ChatGPT website started steadily declining in traffic.

Also, most students who regularly use ChatGPT for their academic work are now on summer break, and many companies and governments are prohibiting ChatGPT in their offices due to privacy issues.