How much space duplicate files on average take up on a Mac after just one year of use, that is 13 Gigabytes. Duplicates mainly appear as a result of these events; internet and mail downloads, operating system updates, file copying by apps that manage media libraries, and most importantly, user actions like storing the same photos in different locations.

Eventually, duplicates clog your hard disk space, which in turn negatively affects your Mac speed. Cleaning doubled files scattered throughout Mac OS is essential for the computer’s fast and stable performance.

Duplicated files can be deleted manually by opening different folders and searching for similar items or removing the trash bin and locating the cache folder. Still, this process is quite burdensome and time-consuming.

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List of Best CleanMyMac Alternative You Should Try

If you don’t want to spend hours handpicking file copies, take advantage of a specialized duplicate finder app. These apps automate this cleaning task and save your time and do some deeper cleaning, which saves a lot of time.

1. TuneUpMyMAC

TuneUpMyMACTuneupMyMac is an amazing CleanMyMac alternative to enhance Mac speed and is designed to clean out unwanted clutter in a single click. It provides different features like system cleaner to remove cache, temporary files, logs cleaner, app optimizer, duplicates finder, uninstaller, startup apps manager, and other security and privacy tools. It’s an efficient disk cleaning app for Mac. Download this app now to keep your Mac running super smooth.

Download TuneupmyMac

2. AVG Tuneup for Mac

AVG Tuneup for MacThis software makes your MAC run better by deleting the junk apps and cache files from your MAC. It’s a paid application, but it’s worth buying because of its advanced features. AVG can clear large hidden files and detects a malware and removes them. If you delete something accidentally, you can recover it by searching the search bar’s file name, which is a handy feature.

Download AVG Tuneup

3. Daisy Disk

Daisy DiskDaisy disk shows the scanning results in an interesting pie chart. With this, you can easily find a huge file, preview the content, and delete it when not needed. Scanning various disks doesn’t require much time and is done quite quickly.

You get to optimize existing storage, so it saves you from buying a new one making it cost-effective. With its optimization, you can save a whole lot of money by not buying more storage.

Download Daily Disk

4. Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean ProDisk Clean Pro is a popular tool for a complete disk clean-up without putting your important data at risk. It provides you different features like Memory Optimizer, One-Click Cleaning & Duplicated Finder. Memory Optimizer is a feature that enables you to free up RAM occupied by other applications, which helps to boost up your mac’s speed easily.

One-Click Cleaning gives you the liberty to clean your system and boost your system’s performance in a single click. Duplicated Finder allows scanning and removing all the duplicate files present on your Mac.

Download Disk Clean Pro

5. MacFly Pro

MacFly ProWith MacFly Pro, you can scan and delete duplicates apps or unnecessary files from your computer. Smart assistant constantly scans the laptop in the background and gives you notifications about the latest improvements.

MacFly Pro could be used effectively because it removes duplicate files from every corner of your Mac in a matter of minutes. Thus, you will easily recover wasted hard drive space and improve the computer’s performance.

Download Macfly Pro

6. CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for MacCCleaner is one of the oldest applications in this industry. Basically, it helps analyze the disk space, Protects your privacy, and finds the unwanted files throughout the various drivers. It’s a free application and offers different options like scheduled cleaning, automatic updates, faster computers, etc.

It provides Smart cleaning to clear junk files from the browser and other places. By CCleaner, you get a Comprehensive Registry Cleaner to solve every registry-specific problem.

Download Ccleaner

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7. Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac CareSmart Mac Care throws away the unease of manual decluttering and acts as a dedicated optimization tool. It helps you clean out unwanted files instantly and free up your disk space & also keeps your Mac safe from hidden malware, Trojans, adware, and Spywares. It ensures total clean-up and optimization.

Smart mac detects and removes junk files that could be eating up storage on your Mac & also scans for sensitive information stored in internet browsers to enhance privacy. Allows users to uninstall suspicious or unnecessary apps on your Mac easily. Scan and delete copies of files to recover chunks of storage and remove start-up apps to improve your Mac’s boost speed.

Download Smart Mac Care

8. MacBooster 8

MacBooster 8MacBooster8 from IObit offers a collection of tools for monitoring your Mac machine’s status, from managing unwanted junk files, duplicate photos, and videos to tracking Mac performance. Basically, you can track every single thing on your mac with this application.

MacBooster 8 keeps you away from potential threats with its advanced technology. Managing start-up items from one place is also possible with this alternative, making everything easy to manage.

Download Macbooster 8

9. Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Stellar SpeedUp MacSpeedUp Mac comes in two versions. To do basic tasks like cleaning all the temporary files on the hard disk drive, you can go for the basic version. The second one is the platinum version for diagnosing and analyzing your system related files, cache files, language-related files, and binary files, which are not used and left there on your hard disk drive for a long time consumes most storage also.

Speed your booting time by removing all the unwanted third party applications which are consuming your space & ram & make your mac fully optimized with its functionality.

Download Stellar Speedup


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