One of the things that have been popularized over the past few years in the gaming sector is retro games. People wish to play old games on their new mobiles and computers.

That is why we have a lot of best sites like CoolROM that provide tons of retro game resources. But it is always better to have CoolROM alternatives handy. 

CoolROM has tons of ROMs and emulators that can run them. The platform also has a lot of tutorials to help people in case they get stuck. However, users are not satisfied with CoolROM lately.

There are a lot of complaints about viruses and other issues. So people are now looking for some of the best CoolROM alternatives

If you are one of those people, then your quest ends here. This guide will find the best CoolROM alternatives from which you can download any ROMs you like. 

Best CoolROM Alternatives

1. OpenEMU

OpenEMUIf you have a Mac device, OpenEMU is one of the best CoolROM alternatives for you. OpenEMU works with a keyboard-like joystick that can be used to maneuver the site. The platform can seamlessly work with other sites if their emulators have any issues.

The best thing about OpenEMU is that it is free and open-source. It also collects and brings all the ROMs into one place, making it easy for you to access them. The cores on this platform run all the games at their standard resolution, giving you a nostalgic feeling.  

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2. Free ROMS

Free ROMSAs the name suggests, Free ROMS is a reliable site to get all the ROMs you want.

This site is seamless as it lets you download your preferred ROMs with a single click. It is simple yet very practical for downloading such stuff. 

One great thing about the site is that despite being free, you will not find a lot of interruptions and fake games here.

Also, this site is just for downloading ROMs, giving you more options. The interface of the platform is just second to none and you are going to love it for you. 

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3. Vimm’s Lair

Vimm’s Lair is easily one of the best sites to download custom ROMs if you want to play some retro games on your mobile phone.Vimm’s Lair

One of the best things about this site is that it receives frequent updates, so the content you get is always the latest. Then the platform also provides you with a full-color manual, scans, codes, data, etc.

The site also has an honest review system where you can add your review and experience with the site. It also provides you with instructions in case you need any help. So overall, this is a must-try site if you are into retro games. 

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4. RomUlation

RomUlationIf retro games are all you crave, then RomUlnation is one of the best sites for you. The site has a collection of over 30,000 retro games and the security post emulation of the games is far better than CoolROM. 

One of the interesting things about the platform is that it allows you to participate in forum discussions.

Then it also has tons of free tutorials for people who do not know about the emulation of the games. The platform interface is also far better than many other sites on the list. 

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5. The ROM Depot

The ROM DepotIf you are looking for a platform to download ROMs, ISOs, and emulators, then The ROM Depot is a great CoolROM alternative. Just like CoolROM, this site also has a fast bandwidth for downloads.

Then it also allows you to ​​upload and download any ROM file to the site and any emulators for any operating system.

It has a resourceful tool that allows for faster downloads on this site. Another great thing is that you can access it from any device you want.

Overall, it is a powerful and resourceful site to download ROMs and you should try it. 

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6. Emuparadise

EmuparadiseIf safety is your top priority, then Emuparadise is one of the best CoolROM alternatives.

You will get the best ROMs with trusted and safe download links. Using this site, you can easily download ROMs, ISOs, music, and other extensions to play your favorite games.

It also has a dedicated community section that allows you to interact and talk with other retro game lovers. The site’s design is quite modern, so you will not have difficulty navigating it. 

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7. CDRomance

CDRomanceIf you wish to go back to the days when you popped a CD into your DVD player to play games, then CDRomance is the site for you. With this device, you can play a lot of CD and DVD-supported games on your device without interference.

A great feature of this site is that it allows you to save your progress which is not present on many other sites. Then it also lets you download console-helpful formats such as Redream and Reicast on your android device. 

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8. LoveRoms 

LoveRoms Next up, there is LoveRoms which has over 100 retro games for you to play with. The good thing is that all the games on the site have additional information and instructions regarding how to access them.

This simple site is just seamless to navigate and does not have any superfluous content on it. So make sure to check it out. 

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9. Romspedia


Allowing you to download free ROMs for Android, iPhone, MAC, and Windows, Romspedia is the encyclopedia of ROMs. No doubt it can leave you in awe, after going through its massive collection.

Another very impressive feature of the website is direct downloading. When it comes to safety and virus-free, Romspedia is gradually good. Moreover, it provides clinical downloading speed. Other than that, everything about Romspedia is perfect.

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10. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler

With many positive reviews and ratings, Rom Hustler is rated as one of the great sources of retro games. It has an extensive list of ROMs for any console. From the most popular, rated, and underrated ROMs, all are sorted on the website.

Apart from this, the website is nicely designed which makes it easy to navigate. Each week, it updates its homepage content to bring different games to attract more people. Most importantly, the website is far safer than CoolRom.

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