Those days are gone when we enjoyed playing ROM (Read Only Memory) games connected to the TV if you remember those square-shaped disk cassettes famous for playing games.

Do you miss those games? Want to play those games back? If you’re going to play those games, there are few genuine websites with top ROM games. However, you can download and play ROM games with the help of an emulator.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best safe ROM sites thoroughly studied to spare you the trouble of hunting down the finest alternative. So let’s go into the realm of ROM sites now without further ado.

Best & Safe ROM Download Sites for Gamers in 2022

Below are the best ROM Download sites, safe and trusted sites. You can download any ROM sites for free. Visit any websites from the list and get your favorite ROM to play.

1. Gamulator


Gamulator is one of the most popular ROM websites, updated regularly with the latest ROMs and emulators. It has the most extensive collection of ROM websites. It allows you to download the files directly or use a download manager. You will also find Older ROMs like classic GameBoy (GB) and GameBoyColor (GBC).

Visit Gamulator Website

2. Vimm’s Lair

Vimm's Lair

Vimm’s Lair is the oldest ROM website and is the most trusted website. All types of ROMs and emulators are available on the homepage itself. One of the best things about this site is that you will not get any ads in between. Instead, you will see a good collection of Roms sites.

Visit Vimm’s Lair Website

3. Emuparadise


It is a well-known ROM site with millions of users. Emuparadise offers all types of Roms, iso, guides, and Music files to download. If you want, you can play games directly on this website. And you don’t need to worry about security as it keeps malicious files away.

Visit Emuparadise Website

4. Retrosic


The next ROM site on the list is Retrosic. It offers classic games like GB, GBA, GBC, N64, NDS, Atari, Sega, etc. Just find your favorite ROM and download it and start playing. You will find a great collection of ROMs and Emulators for different consoles.

Visit Retrosic Website

5. ROMsMania


If you use this site once, it will become a regular website. You will easily find Retro games with the browse feature. If you find Rom regularly, you can bookmark this website as it has a vast collection of ROMs. ROMsMania has a very easy-to-use interface with a strict security feature.

Visit ROMsMania Website

6. Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone is one of the best websites to get ROMs. It provides ROMs and emulators for games like PlayStation, Xbox, Sega, MAME, GB, GBC, GameCube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo NES, and more.

You can use the latest Roms and emulators to play classic video games on PCs and Mobile phones. In addition, it has the best user interface to use. All the files provide detailed information and user ratings.

Visit the Emulator Zone Website

7. RomUlation


Romulation is a premium website for downloading ROMs. However, it has both paid and free content. A one-month subscription plan is $9.99, and a 3 months plan costs $19.99. To use this site, you need to sign up for an account.

There is something system of points; when you sign up, you will get 10000 points. These points will be used when you install anything on RomUlation. The price will be deducted from the facts.

Visit RomUlation website

8. The Eye

The Eye

The Eye is an excellent place to find the best ROM sites. This site allows you to download files in bulk. You can download bulk files on Windows and Linux OS. It offers excellent download speed and also has the best security. More than 60 consoles’ ROM is available, which is 3.1TB storage.

There is a search tool that helps you to find any content easily. It is one of the best websites, with ROM files for every console. One of the best ways to find out the ROMs file is to set the files alphabetically and in a specific game. The user interface of the site is also straightforward to use.

Visit The Eye Website

9. Rom Hustler

Rom HustlerRom Hustler is one of the most popular sites for Roms. It has a great feature to offer; type in any name for the console or relevant keywords and you’ll be able to find it with ease.

Rom Hustler can efficiently fulfill all your requirements while keeping your computer free from dangerous malware and PC-related infections. It is considered to be one of the most enduring safe ROM websites. The site offers an extensive listing of some top emulators and ROMs online.

Visit Rom Hustler

10. CoolROM

CoolROMIn contrast to the sites mentioned above, CoolROM could appear unorganized to some users. Yet, CoolROM makes up for its user interface with its large collection of games and Emulators. You can pick from various emulators like DS, GBA, Gameboy, Nintendo, SNES, and numerous others.

You can use a search bar to assist you in finding the game you’re looking to play. Unfortunately, the site contains ads; however, at least the download files are secure from malware and viruses.

Visit CoolROM

11. Romspedia

RomspediaOver 10,000 original titles can be found in the vast ROM library at Romspedia. The website provides easy navigation, a robust search function, and every console emulator.

They also feature a blog where you can read gaming news and articles and a contact page where you can ask for new or missing games. They provide BIOS files that integrate with the emulators if you have problems imitating a game.

Visit Romspedia

12. DopeRoms


One of the safest places to obtain old ROMs and emulators without the risk of spam, malware, or viruses is DopeRoms. They are bringing thousands of ROMs and emulators to the table that anyone can download and use for nothing.

Their website offers hundreds of thousands of awesome game covers that you can print and stick to the walls of your room if you’re weary of playing and simply want to look around. You can also collect game covers and box art there.

Visit DopeRoms

Through this guide, you’ll be able to find the best safe ROM sites to ensure it is possible to satisfy hankerings for classic and old-fashioned games. We’ve done our best to provide a list of every site we use every once.


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