Opportunists are everywhere looking for a small window where they can instill more chaos in an already uncertain world. The situation in the Wuhan Province of China is deteriorating rapidly. The spread of the Coronavirus is in full potential, but the government is doing its best to reduce the effect of the virus. It has already developed an antidote to the problem. On the other hand, the issues at hand are the safety campaigns against the spread of the Coronavirus.

Hackers are trying to get victims to download attachments from emails that look like they are sent from Japanese or Chinese healthcare establishments. After research by IBM-X, it is now clear that the malware being used to attack victims’ servers is none other than the potentially dangerous Emotet.

Emotet Malware
Image via KTUU

The Emotet trojan can corrupt the strongest of servers within a few minutes, and there are little firewalls that can do to prevent it. Kaspersky and IBM were always worried about the extent of this malware, but this time, its spread is raising massive concerns.

Victims Falling For The Phony Emails Very Easily

The Japanese/Chinese Emotet emails signify that only a particular geographical province is being targeted. Other parts of the world will be safe for the time being. Such is the “supposed” authenticity of the phoney emails that users are quickly falling prey to downloading the attachments. Baiting has never been easier than now when an entire part of a country is in deep crisis over the spread of a deadly virus.

Data security experts and health officials are criticizing the way hackers are trying to gain leverage from a sensitive situation. They believe that the government’s cyber cells must do their best in tackling the problem with brute force. Otherwise, the extent of the problem can cause massive problems.


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