Far this year, Apple procured Dark Sky, a mainstream hyperlocal climate application accessible on iOS and Android. With the securing, the Dark Sky application for Android has closed down not long ago on August first.

The Android application is not, at this point accessible on the Google Play Store, and clients who attempt to open the application will see that it no longer shows climate information.

Dark Sky for Android Makes a Stunning Return From The DeadBe that as it may, a developer on XDA wasn’t happy with any of the elective climate applications on Android, so they set out to figure out the last form of the Dark Sky application to check whether they could get it ready for action once more.

Meet Darker Sky for Android—a feasible fleeting recovery of the adored climate application that Apple slaughtered off for Android clients.

Download Darker Sky for Android

The Inception Of Dark Sky

Darker Sky was created by a prolific developer and a reverse engineer who chooses to remain anonymous since this modification was done on a perilous platform. The developer at issue is well-known for their work on reverse engineering other popular applications. However, they chose a low-profile release that was more appropriate out this time.

One can download the Darker Sky application from the Telegram channel link. The developer aims to post updates on this channel but is not willing to be signing their name on the new messages so to remain anonymous. However, evidence states that the developer is the only one with posting privileges on this channel to prevent the new releases from emerging out from any other source.

Future Of Dark Sky

Lastly, since Darker Sky is a newly signed app that is not a part of the Google Play Store yet and wishes will never be submitted, Google Play Protect may warn against installing the application. That’s a standard message Play Protect throws up to warn against the installation process of unknown apps from unknown sources, so don’t be surprised if you see it.

What remains gloomy is how prolonging would this mod last to continue to work. After all, Apple appears to be integrating a part of the app’s features into iOS 14, so it’s unlikely the Dark Sky API will function any longer.


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