If you are someone who has been looking for a bot to create a server in discord, then Disboard must have bounced in your search list at least more than once. With Disboard, you can create a server with a moderation team and community. 

In Disboard, whenever any invited user enters the server, an automated role management system provides them roles and deletes them on their exit.

While using it, you would find that you can’t delete all the sent messages if the username is not mentioned. Also, you cannot invite or add any channel to your server unless a role is created. 

Such drawbacks of Disboard make it necessary to have alternatives prepared so that you don’t lack behind. We here provide you with some best Disboard alternatives.

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List of Best Disboard Alternatives

1. Discordservers.com

Discordservers.comThe first alternative is Discordservers.com. A website consisting of a variety of servers that can be used for both business as well as personal use. 

Unlike Disboard, it has features like sorting, tags, and filtering. 

Discordserver.com uses a different approach than Disboard and provides genuine search results. 

The website provides an API for collecting information about servers using general HTTP requests. With this, using services like IFTTT becomes easier.

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2. Discord.st

Discord.stDiscord.st is a website comprising a list of many fully customizable servers so you can control the voting system.

Discord.st gives a unique dashboard to server owners, such that the owners can customize the content the user would get to see as they vote for your server.

It has a different voting system, where you should vote for other servers to get your servers listed. This is called community for the community. 

Discord.st makes changes to the page in real-time.

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3. Top.gg

Top.ggNext on the list is Top.gg, a website providing a platform to review and rate Discord bots you like. 

Marketing a bot is quite difficult, but Top.gg helps you get a more significant number of bots for the discord bot you own.

The site attracts users to vote by providing rewards like roles, server bots, rewards for voting regularly and inviting friends, and many more.

Top.gg focuses on being more user-friendly and allows its users to advertise their bots directly and for free.

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4. Linkvertise.com

Linkvertise.comIf you want to earn money without doing much, Linkvertise.com is an optimum choice. Here you earn money just by sharing shortened links. 

Its working process is pretty simple. After you have shared the link, whenever someone clicks on it, they are taken to a page consisting of an ad; the page would be on the screen for at least 15 seconds. After this, they can skip the ad and return to the targeted site. 

Unlike Disboard, Linkvertise makes sure you get to your final destination site. 

Linkvertise is easy to use, provides high conversion and CPM rates, and allows users to skip ads. Thus making it a better choice.

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5. Discord.me

Discord.meAnother alternative discord server is Discord. me. A web-based discord server where you can publicize your discord server to many other discord users.

There are communities called servers where you can share images, chat with users, share videos, links, and many more.

Unlike Disboard, which works better for permanent servers, Discord.me does a perfect job for temporary servers.

Use the premium features provided to put your server on the list.

Discord.me is free and is an easy-to-use platform.

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6. Steamcommunity.com

Steamcommunity.comIf getting into new groups or playing games with different groups excites you, then the Steam community is for you. Valve Corporation owns the platform.

With the Steam platform, you can communicate with its users, play games and even buy them.

Disboard indeed has many more features than steam platforms. But this makes the sites bulky. Whereas Steam community, being focussed on specific areas, works more efficiently.

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7. Discordbotlist.com

Discordbotlist.comDiscordbotlist does your search for bots easily by providing various features like moderation tools, ranking systems, and a website.

Disboard and Discordlist can both be used to search bots. But the, features like sort by category and tags make a search on Discordbotlist more efficient. 

There is one major drawback of the site. With Discordbotlist API, you get only the top 1000 bots with partial information if you are not verified.

To make yourself verified, you need to work to know how many servers you are on.

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8. Mee6.xyz

Mee6.xyzLast but not least is Mee6.xyz. Mee6 bot allows its users to add commands on the server. You can make rules for your server and can make announcements regarding any changes in any channel.

Features like leveling systems and custom commands are pretty easy to use. The platform is free of cost.

Tools provided in Mee6.xyz makes managing the server easier than Disboard.

Automatic role assignment and moderation tools such as kick and ban are features that add to the better performance of Mee6.

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