Dark mode in any app or user interface soothes our eyes, especially when we are working in dark. By default, all applications use a white theme, but it would be more convenient if you could enable dark mode in Microsoft office. And the best part is, you can control these settings as per your preference.

Most of us like Dark Mode because it is easy for our eyes to work for extended periods of time on a darker screen. And when you are working of that important Microsoft document at night, dark mode can really help speed up the process.

After you have enabled Windows Dark Mode, it won’t turn any third-party applications. So if you need to enable dark mode in Microsoft Office apps, then we have two different working methods for you. You can turn the Dark Mode for each of the Office applications individually. Even more, you can apply these settings to all the Office applications as well.

However, before you proceed, make sure that you are using the Microsoft Office version after 2013. Because in the previous version of MS Office you won’t get these features.

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Steps to Enable Dark Mode in all Microsoft Office Applications from Account Settings

Step 1) Firstly, press on the Windows Key and then click on any Microsoft Office application like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. Once you have opened the MS Office application, click on the File option at the top-left menu bar.

Step 2) Now, from the menu, click on the Account tab below on the left column.

Step 3) Click on the dowp-down menu under the label Office Theme and select Black or Dark Grey. You can also select a background for all of your MS Office applications, click on the drop-down menu under the Office Background label, and select a Dark background.

Shortly after, the Dark theme for all of your MS Office applications will be enabled. You can try opening different office applications and check if the Dark Mode works for all of those apps.

Enable Dark Mode for an Individual Microsoft Office Application

Step 1) To enable Dark mode for an individual office application that you mostly use, firstly open up the Office application.

You can click on the application icon on the desktop, taskbar or execute the application after a Windows Search. Then click on the File option at the top of the Office application.

Step 2) Now, from the menu, click on Options below at the left column.

Step 3) If you too have opened MS Word, then the Word Options window will open up. There select the General tab on the left pane.

For other Office applications, the window will be the same, so you can follow the instructions here to enable dark mode in Excel, etc.

Step 4) Now, on the right pane of the window, under the category of Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office. Click on the drop-down menu beside Office Theme and select Dark Gery or Black to enable Dark Mode.

Lastly, click on the OK button below to confirm your settings, and soon you will notice that the application is in Dark Mode now.

From Editor’s Desk

Dark mode can definitely help you to soothe your eyes if you’re working for an extended period of time. If you have to pull an overnight work to complete your assignment, then dark mode in Microsoft office can really feel helpful.


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