Facebook recently began testing a new feature, i.e., users will have the ability to hide the number of reaction it has on its post. As a part of this test, some selected users will be able to this feature in Australia.

This feature will only show another user’s who have liked or reacted to the post. They will see a single person’s name and others written next to the reaction. In a nutshell, only the number of likes will be hidden from everyone else’ except the user who posts it is.

Facebook Now Testing a new Feature that will Hide the Number of Likes
Facebook Now Testing a new Feature that will Hide the Number of Likes

The feature is still in the testing phase, and there is no word on when this feature will be made available for everyone. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the company is gathering feedback till now and will make changes accordingly before releasing the feature.

The same feature tested on Instagram!

Recently, the same feature was tested on Instagram. Users weren’t able to see the number of heart they have on a post other than theirs. The testing began in Canada and then expanded to different countries like Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Italy, and New Zealand.

While it took some time for the test to expand but the fact that the feature was made available to different countries. It indicates that the same might happen to Facebook.

This feature is an attempt to end Jealously:

Social Media is often accused of spreading jealousy among friends and family. People envy other’s lifestyle, and they are made jealous of the number of likes they have on the post. Often it is theorized that number of likes and followers means better social standard. However, this isn’t the case.

Facebook wants to end this envy feeling and wants to make its platform a more comfortable place to share their feelings. This might be the first brick to end cyberbullying.


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