Facebook and Apple are at loggerheads over the hacking of Jeff Bezos’s handset recently. Malware is being blamed for the data compromise. Experts feel that this is a top-level security breach as the end-to-end encryption of Whatsapp is unhackable. However, a message from Saudi Prince Bin Salman is claimed to be the smoking gun in this hacking investigation.

Facebook officials repeatedly deny claims of Whatsapp being hacked and are pinning the blame on Apple’s servers. Facebook, which acquired Whatsapp a couple of years back, is maintaining a stand on this issue, asking Apple Inc to look into bugs and malware in their handsets.

Facebook Points Fingers at Apple Over Jeff Bezos' iPhone Hack
Facebook Points Fingers at Apple Over Jeff Bezos’ iPhone Hack

Nick Clegg, who heads the Communications Department at Facebook, asked Apple officials for a sit-down and working in tandem to find the solution to this problem. The phone hack of one of the world’s richest men raises eyebrows on the security protocols of both Facebook Inc and Apple Inc. Until now, there is no clear report on the origin and extent of the malware’s reach.

Apple Inc Denies Involvement At All Costs: Officials

The video generated from Bin Salman’s phone was only 4.4MB in size. This video is suspected of containing phishing bugs. After this video landed in Bezos’ phone, tons of personal data started being transferred to unknown numbers that included private chats with friends and family. Any scandalous information is not known to be released yet, but cybersecurity experts are looking into the matter.

Security agencies are trying to trace the source of the malware that caused the security breach. It is unusual for Whatsapp, which has end-to-end encryption to be breached so easily. Apple Inc., though initially denied claims of involvement, is also trying to look for a viable logic towards the origin of the problem. If any bug or issue is present, they will try to resolve it in their next updates.


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