Huawei has removed its lock screen ad finally. If you already have images downloaded in your handset, you have to delete it from phone. The lock screen ad feature won’t be pushed out to other handsets anymore. The company has apologized for the customers and ensured that they won’t go through these kinds of situations again.

Huawei In Turmoil After This Incident

Lately, Huawei has faced a severe backlash when it started showing ads on the lock screen of its phones. It never asked permission or the user haven’t approved the display of advertisements. Furious Huawei users have started complaining about these advertisements and voiced their opinions on Twitter.

Huawei Got Rid of Lock Screen Ad
Huawei Got Rid of Lock Screen Ad

A logo of “” appeared on the mobiles. This wasn’t every user’s situation though. The users who use the preinstalled wallpapers of mobile faced this situation. The company never made a comment stating the reason behind these advertisements.

But the glitch has been removed now and those ads won’t appear on the lock screen anymore. Users who already have these images downloaded on their mobiles can delete them and use other wallpapers for their lock screen.

You can follow the below procedure to remove the advertisements on the lock screen.

  1. When you see the logo image on the screen, swipe up from the bottom edge.
  2. You will be taken to the operation toolbar panel.
  3. There click on the delete button and click on the confirmation box that pops up.

The company hasn’t revealed the exact reasons behind these advertisements but there are gossips that this was nothing but a revenue driven plan. Huawei wanted to cash with these advertisements. Huawei is facing certain notable issues lately and this is one of them. Although the company took a measure for it, these advertisements created a ruckus.


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