Unable to update your Discord app? Discord pushes frequent updates to keep their platform bug-free and as well as to introduce new features to the platform. Amidst all the frequent updates, users have reported that they could not install the latest Discord updates on their PCs. This is a common issue of not being able to install Discord updates. 

If Discord is stuck on checking for updates in Windows 11, it can be due to multiple reasons like network issues, Discord server issues, VPN, and more. When this happens, you won’t be able to use Discord while it keeps checking for updates. Let’s go through all the ways to help you fix this issue with Discord updates. 

How to Fix Discord Stuck on Checking for Updates in Windows 11

1. Check for Internet Issues 

You need a strong internet connection to update Discord to the latest version. If your internet is slow, you can encounter this issue with Discord.

You should disconnect from your current network and switch to some other Wi-Fi. You can use a wired connection like USB tethering or LAN cable (if you are using a router). 

If that doesn’t fix the issue, then you must reset your network settings. Below are the steps to help you with that-

  1. Open Windows 11 Settings app. 
  2. Click on the Network & Internet on the left tab, and then click on Advanced Network Settings.Advanced Network Settings
  3. After this, click on Network Reset
  4. Click on the Reset Now button and then on Yes to reset the network settings. Click on the Reset Now button
  5. After this, a restart will be required to save the changes. 
  6. Once done, connect to the Wi-Fi again and check for Discord updates. 

2. Check Discord Server’s Status

If you cannot update your Discord, it might be because of issues with the Discord servers. You can check for the Discord server downtime from the following sites-

  1. Discord Status Page– Link
  2. Downdetector Discord Page– Link

Check Discord Server's StatusIf the above sites report issues with the Discord server in recent times, then you won’t be able to update the Discord till the issue occurs. You will have to wait until the Discord servers are fixed and then try updating the Discord again. 

3. Disconnect from VPN

It is a common practice among users to use a VPN when browsing the internet. However, many internet services restrict the use of VPNs. If you are using a VPN while updating Discord, that can be the root cause of the issue.

You must disconnect from the VPN and then check for the updates again. This should solve the issue, and you can update Discord without any issues. 

4. Run Discord as an Admin

Discord might get stuck checking for updates if you haven’t given it admin rights. You must run Discord as admin and try installing the updates again. The steps given below should help you with that-

  1. First, close the Discord from your PC. close the Discord from your PC
  2. Now, open the Start Menu and type Discord
  3. Right-click on Discord and then click on Run as Administrator. Discord and then click on Run as Administrator
  4. Click Yes in the UAC prompt to start Discord as admin. 
  5. Check for the Discord updates after this. 

5. Clear Discord Cache

The corrupted cache can also cause this issue with Discord. Therefore, it is recommended to clear the cache of Discord and then try to update the Discord. Follow the steps given below to clear the cache of the Discord-

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R
  2. Now, type %localappdata% and press Enter. localappdata
  3. From the window that opens up, search for the Discord folder and delete it from the window that opens up. search for the Discord folder and delete it
  4. After this, restart the Discord and check for updates. 

6. Download Latest Version from the Discord Site

If you cannot update the Discord, you must download the latest version of the Discord and install the update from there. To do so, follow the steps below-

  1. Visit the official website of Discord.
  2. You will see the Download for Windows button; click on it to download the latest version. Download for Windows
  3. Now install the Discord from the downloaded setup to update it to the latest version. 

Bottom Line

If you are having trouble updating Discord or if Discord is stuck on checking for updates on Windows 11, then the above steps should solve the issue. To save yourself the hassle, you can directly download the latest version of Discord from the official site and install it on your PC.