Have you ever been in a situation where your Gmail has stopped receiving emails? If yes, what could be a worse situation than this – especially when you’ve to deal with many emails every single day for personal and professional use?

However, it could be for server down and any other glitch. Whatever the reason, I’ve tested some methods that work well for me. Thus, I’ve compiled the best ways to fix Gmail not receiving emails.

Although Gmail is one of the best email service providers in every aspect, still, it’s not completely error-free. In this regard, follow all these methods to start receiving mail on Gmail.

How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Gmail is known for its gorgeous user interface that is insanely easy to use. Thus, applying some fixes when Gmail is not receiving emails is even easier. Here are some fixes you should apply.

1. Check the Internet Connection

First and foremost, it might sound silly, but you must ensure a stable internet connection to send and receive any email on your Gmail account. If you aren’t providing enough stability, you may not see any received mail on your Gmail account.

  • Check your internet connection strength on the WiFi icon if you use a PC. On mobile networks, check connectivity strength. You can use Speedtest to check the speed.
  • For a better connection, either you can airplane mode or restart the device for once. Otherwise, you’ve to contact the internet service provider.

2. Check Gmail Server

With more than 1.5 billion active users Gmail is the best email provider for its excellent services and features. However, it may not face frequent server outages, but you should check at least once to know whether its server working well or not.

Check the Gmail server, and if you see the red signal, then nothing you can do, unless Gmail fixes it. Although, Gmail doesn’t take a long time to fix server outages.

3. Check Spam and Trash Folder

Gmail is very smart, whenever it receives an email, it scrutiny the reputation of the email and also checks the content of the mail. If Gmail detects any suspicious mail, it immediately throws it into the spam folder. So, you should check the Spam folder of your email.

Right after the spam folder, there’s another folder called Trash. If you’ve moved all of your emails into the trash folder, you can’t see primary mail in the inbox. Thus, checking the trash folder is also mandatory.

So if you’ve moved all primary emails to either spam or trash folder, then you’ve to retrieve all emails to the primary inbox again. Thus, you can see your received emails.

4. Sign in and Sign Out Gmail Account

It’s another valuable method you can try in such a situation. It can remove any possible error on your Gmail account.

  1. Open your Gmail account, and click on the profile icon.
  2. Next, simply click on the Sign-out.sign out gmail account
  3. Now submit your username and password to sign in again to get all emails without any hassle.sign in gmail account

5. Ensure Enough Google Storage Space

Gmail allocates 15GB of free storage for free when you create a Gmail account. Although, this free space also uses for every Google product such as Drive, Docs, Sheets, and many others.

So if you’ve used the 15GB free storage on other services, no wonder you won’t receive any email on your Gmail. First of all, check the status of space in the Gmail. Then, according to your needs, you could buy its premium version either you’ve to free up some space, very simple.

6. Enable IMAP and Pop on Gmail

Yet another important fix that you should follow to get everything seamless as it used to be before.

  1. Open your Gmail account, click the Settings icon, and select See all settings.See all settings
  2. Next heads over to Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. Now enable POP and IMAP.enable POP and IMAP
  4. After that, save these changes.

7. Update Gmail Mobile App

Gmail is constantly working to provide a bug-free mobile app that can satisfy a user in every aspect. However, if you’re using an outdated old Gmail app, you might not receive email on your Gmail account; thus, you should always use the latest version.

8. Use Same Gmail on Different Browse

So far, we’ve done almost everything possible for us. Now here we’ll try to use the Gmail account on an account on a different browser if the email is not received on your Gmail account. Here are Gmail-supported browsers you can try.

  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Safari.
  • Firefox.
  • Google Chrome.

Bottom Line

So these are the best ways to fix Gmail not receiving emails. However, all these fixes surely help; if it doesn’t, you can share your problem on the Gmail Help Center. That’s wrapping up; I hope you will start receiving emails. If you’ve doubts, let us know in the comment section.


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