Google Play Store is the best online store to download apps on Android smartphones. In-App Manage section of the google play store you can see all the installed apps on your phone. You can also see the previous apps that you installed on your phone.

If you are not able to see your installed app in the google play store then don’t worry. We will show you the best ways to solve this problem. You just follow all the methods we mentioned below.

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Best Ways to Fix Google Play Store Not Showing Installed Apps

If you face this problem on your Android device and don’t know how to fix it. Read all the methods mentioned below. One of these methods will definitely work for you. All the methods are very easy to do.

1. Restart Your Phone

If you are not able to see your installed app on Google Play Store then first of all, you have to restart your phone. Because sometimes, due to some glitch, the play store is not able to show you the apps. Once you restart your phone, it may work properly. If you are still facing the same problem, we have more ways below.power off reboot android

2. Clear Play Store Cache

Yes, Google Play Store also stores cache data to reduce loading time. Sometimes the data becomes inaccessible due to some reason that Play Store does not work properly. So you can clean the play store cache. This is the fastest way to solve the problem.

  1. Go to Phone Settings > Apps > App Manager.
  2. Scroll Down and click on Google play store.
  3. Now click on the Clear Data option.

After that, restart the google play store to see if it solved your problem.

3. Remove and Re-Add Google Account

This will help you fix the problem because once you remove and re-add the Google account on the Play Store, it will rebuild the connection with the server.

  1. Go to phone Settings > Accounts & Sync.
  2. Click on Google.
  3. Now click on the More button, which you will see in the bottom middle area.
  4. Click on Remove Account.
  5. Afterward, go back to the Account & sync section and click on Add Account > Google.

After signing in with Google again, check if the Play store is showing installed apps or not.

4. Check System Date And Time

If the time and date of your phone are not correct, it will cause a problem for the play store to communicate with the server. For that reason, it will not provide you with the correct data, so check your date and time. Follow the steps given below to avoid this problem forever.

  1. Go to Setting and search Date & Time.
  2. Click on the Date and Time Option > Automatic Date and Time toggle button.

5. Update the Google Play store

Usually, Playstore gets updated automatically in the background. But you can check. If that is not updated, you can update it manually.

  1. Open the Play Store app on your phone and click on the Profile picture in the top right corner.
  2. Go to Play Store Settings.
  3. Click on the About option > Update Play store.

6. Reset Google Play Services

The Google Play service works in the background to keep the device updated with the latest security features. So if it is not working properly, it can affect other apps. You can reset Google Play Services to fix this problem.

  1. Click On phone Settings > App Manage.
  2. Scroll down to Find the Google Play Service and click on it.
  3. Click on the Clear data option.

That’s all for this article. Apart from this article, if you have any questions or suggestions, comment below. If any of these methods work for you, do let us know which method solved your problem in the comment section.


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