Is VyvyManga not working and you are wondering how to fix it? In this guide, I have explained important tips and tricks to solve this problem. VyvyManga is an online platform to read Manga online for free.

VyvyManga was previously known as MangaOwl. For the uninitiated, Manga is a style of storytelling in the form of comics that originates from Japan. With technology advancing Manga is now available to read online on popular websites like VyvyManga.

Why VyvyManga is Not Working?

Slow internet could be the primary reason why VyvyManga is unresponsive or doesn’t load. Millions of people access the website every day. The server that handles the VyvyManga site may have slowed down. It can happen if there are more than usual visitors accessing the website.

If you use VPN to open VyvyManga that may cause it to not load. Usually, VPNs provide admission to a site through remote servers. If those remote servers are loaded with too many users accessing them, the overall network speed will drop drastically.

Is VyvyManga Down Today?

Recently there have been instances of VyvyManga servers going out. The primary reason is the inability to process access requests from too many users. The bookmarks for your favorite Manga will remain safe and server outage will not have any effect on that.

While the folks at VyvyManga will be responsible for fixing the server, you can use the troubleshooting tips in this to see if that fixes the issue of VyvyManga not working.

How to Fix VyvyManga Not Working Today?

Let us begin the troubleshooting. You can implement them and check if that helps you access VyvyManga.

1. Disable the VPN

VPN uses remote servers to provide access to a website. If the remote servers are too busy and loaded with too many user requests that will affect the network. It will slow down and you cannot access any website. So, turn off the VPN.

  1. Click the VPN extension icon on your browser URL bar.
  2. Click the designated toggle to turn it off.
    turn off VPN

Now, reload the VyvyManga official website and check if it loads now.

2. Clear the Browser Cookies

Clearing the browser cookies will remove the junk data from the cache of the web browser. Otherwise, junk data and temporary files will cause the browser to malfunction. Here are the steps to clear the browser cookies.

  1. On your browser, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys.
  2. In the clear browsing data dialog box, set the time range.
  3. Select the option Cookies and other Site data.
  4. To proceed with clearing the cookies click on Clear Data.
    Clear browsing data
  5. Relaunch the browser and access VyvyManga.

3. Open VyvyManga on a Different Browser

Today there are so many options when it comes to browsing apps. It may happen that the browser you are using currently cannot provide access to VyvyManga. There may have been some sort of geo-restriction on providing admission to certain websites.

Instead of that faulty browser, you can try accessing VyvyManga on other browsers. If you are using Firefox and unable to access VyvyManga, then use other browsers such as Brave, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

4. Disable Ad-Blocker Extensions on your Browser

VyvyManga’s website is ad-supported. This means the platform earns money and manages its business through running advertisements. If you are using an Ad-blocker extension to enjoy reading your Manga for free on VyvyManga, it will not work.

This means if you are using an ad-blocker extension on your browser, you need to disable it to access content on VyvyManga. To disable an ad-blocker plugin from your browser, follow these steps.

  1. Open the browser and enter Chrome://extensions in the URL bar. Press enter key.
  2. Scroll to the Ad-blocker extensions. Click the toggle to disable it.
    disable ad blocker
  3. If you want to uninstall the plugin entirely, click on the option Remove.

5. Check if VyvyManga is Down

The VyvyManga server may be down. You can visit this website and check for the server status. It may happen that the servers may have been down for some sort of routine maintenance or bug fixing. It is suggested to have patience and wait until the server of VyvyManga is reinstated.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about how to fix the VyvyManga not working issue. Use the tips in this guide and resume consuming your favorite Manga only on VyvyManga. I hope this guide was informative.