SD Card is an essential storage device that lets you store files and folders of various formats. It plays a significant role while transferring data over different mediums. Whether it is your smartphone, digital camera, PC/Laptop, or some other device, SD Card is supported by most of the devices. Moreover, being portable and highly-affordable, it is widely used by people for storing and transferring files.

However, there are times when you might come across situations when the SD card might not be compatible with certain devices. And sometimes, it gets damaged or corrupted or simply becomes unallocated. Well, there is so much to happen. In any such situation, formatting your SD Card using CMD is the wisest solution left. By formatting it, you can increase its durability and keep using it for a longer time. Additionally, you can remove its write protection and easily resolve all such tricky issues.

Steps to Format SD Card Using Windows CMD:-

You can format any kind of storage device like internal hard drive external hard drive, sd card, pen drive, etc using the CMD Diskpart tool. Diskpart is a built-in tool in windows that can be accessed using diskpart command in CMD. Even if your storage device is corrupted or damaged, it can be formatted using the Diskpart tool.

Format SD Card Using CMDNow, this method involves the use of CMD, so you must have knowledge about using commands because if you make a mistake, you can damage your storage device. If you are a newbie or have zero knowledge of using CMD, then you must know about it a bit or use other methods to do it. Once you have are comfortable with using CMD, follow the steps we are providing you.

Firstly, click on the search bar or Cortana and search CMD. You will see an option named command prompt in the search result. Now, right-click on the option and choose Run as administrator.

format SD card using windows CMD

Secondly, type ‘diskpart’ in the windows of command prompt and press enter. After that type ‘list disk’ and press enter. List disk command will list all the available drives on pc.

Now thirdly, you need to enter select, disk + disk number, in command prompt. For example, if your SD card is no 2 in the list, then enter ‘disk 2’.

After that type ‘list volume’ command in CMD and press enter. Now type ‘select volume + volume number’. For example, if your volume is 10, then type ‘select volume 10’ and press Enter.

Finally, type ‘format fs=ntfs’ if you want to format with NTFS or ‘format fs=exfat’ you want to format with exFAT. Once you do this, cmd will format the drive.

At last, when diskpart shows ‘diskpart successfully formatted the volume’, you can exit by typing ‘exit’ command and pressing enter.


In this article, you have learned about how to format your SD Card using various methods. However, among all these options, CMD is quite a tricky one. So if you are not sure enough about it, we recommend you to go for the other options.

Anyway, your ultimate goal is to format SD Card so, it doesn’t really matter how you do it. Hence, if you follow the steps carefully, it must not be a great problem at all.


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