John Conway, succumbed while fighting against COVID-19, at the age of 82. A mathematician by profession, with accomplishments and major accreditations from Princeton University, Conway was best known for his cellular automaton invention Game of Life. Interestingly, even after 50 years of its launch, people are still researching on Game of Life’s patterns.

With COVID-19’s hazardous spread across the world, with the most affected and active cases being in the UK, many imminent personalities are becoming victims of this potential virus. The antidote to the virus is still under medical research, and little success has been found yet. WHO has already declared this a pandemic and has asked all medical agencies and charity organizations to lend a hand at a time of crisis.

The inventor of the Game of Life has Died
The inventor of the Game of Life has Died

Well, Game of Life was never trendy until the 1970’s when the American media made it extremely popular by discussing scientific patterns and modules. That is when the glider gun came into focus in the late 1970s. This glider gun concept generates an unending series of gliders. In later years, different modules developed by GoF researchers resulted in other forms of guns too.

Game of Life: Still A Piece of Fundamental Mathematics

The Game of Life is still a point of discussion for professional mathematicians and logical gamers across the globe. It has hundreds of active forums bout game theories online, and the forums have been on servers for many years.

Trying out the game may not be a very bad idea, and you can easily visit the official website and download it. If you wish to explore more about this game on a scientific basis or professional research, download some additional modules and packages that are readily available online. These packages are freeware, and you do not need to register with an account or subscribe to newsletters.


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