Document management software has become a part and participle of organizations, be it large scale or small scale. These software manages a corporation’s necessary files and documents with utmost care and makes them easily accessible. However, document management software might be expensive for some organizations.

So, we have listed some of the best free and open-source document management software in today’s list. Though these software are free to use, they possess almost all the features of premium software.

Our list also includes some free versions of paid document management software, so you can use any additional paid functionalities if needed. You can also program your document software using the source code available on GitHub.

Best Open-Source Document Management System

  • Alfresco
  • NAPS2
  • OpenDocMan
  • Bitrix24
  • Openkm
  • Maarch
  • Kimios DMS

1. Alfresco

This document management software is for individuals who want to be self-sufficient in managing their documents. Alfresco Community Edition is an open-sourced version of Alfresco Content Services. It is free and freely accessible, uses PostgreSQL to hold its database, and is written in Java.

Alfresco is compatible with Windows and Unix operating systems. The software is simple to customize and modify to meet individual needs, and the offline and mobile app features allow remote access to documents.


2. NAPS2

It is an open-source document management and is much like Alfresco Community Edition. NAPS2 is free and has several advantages despite not having all the functionality that a paid document manager might have.

One of its unique features is the Web-based solution facilitating remote access to files. You can also track new and old clients with integrated address book contacts. Lastly, the platform is compatible with iOS and Android mobile apps.


3. OpenDocMan

Another top open-source document management system available is OpenDocMan. In addition to being free, it is also web-based, making it accessible from any computer, not just your work computer. It is written in PHP, a language utilized by large and small corporations and governmental organizations.

The best part of using OpenDocMan is that it supports numerous file formats as it is created for both departmental and individual user workflow. You will get an automated document review technique to simplify your life.



SEEDMS is a web-based, open-source document management system. Users can add any file type to the system with this simple-to-use software. It is perfect for everyone, including individuals, small enterprises, nonprofits, educational institutions, and governmental entities.

Its ability to design custom document properties distinguishes it from the other options in the list. In addition, it supports electronic document reviewing. On SEEDMS, you can also set up options for email notifications.


5. Bitrix24

It is one of the most effective and potent tools for managing your papers securely and effectively. Bitrix24 can store any size of company data and manage them efficiently. One of the standout features of Bitrix24 is its powerful search functionality.

With the help of this Document Management system, you can gather and manage your sensitive information and communicate with colleagues on documents and projects whenever you choose. It increases your capacity for decision-making and the productivity of your organization.


6. Openkm

The LogicalDoc Community Edition, an open-source software version, lacks some of the features in the paid-for commercial editions but offers the most essential elements.

With a multilingual desktop interface and features like full-text indexing, full version control, task management, and document searching, Openkm offers much for your document workflow.


7. Maarch

Our next recommendation is Maarch, an amazing open-source document management system for your company. The software can store small repositories and non-critical data for free.

Maarch is adaptable to the majority of working contexts despite being free. In addition, it is accessible on various operating systems and databases, including Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Red Hat, CentOS, and others.


8. Kimios DMS

It is an alternative to large, complex enterprise management systems. Kimios aims to optimize working with documents. This is mostly accomplished by simplifying numerous functions for daily use.

If you want a simplified document management system, then Kimios DMS will be perfect. The search functionality is one area where it has attracted users. In each document, it adds both content and metadata, allowing full-text or boolean searches.


9. Nuexo

Over the years, Nuexo has earned admiration for being a flexible, open-source document management system. The versatile DMS has various advanced features, such as CMS, performance management, API integration, workflow management, and more.

Neuxo is an excellent choice for digital asset management. It also effortlessly manages document archiving and data deduplication. In addition, according to its users, Neuxo is user-friendly and easy to use.


10. LogicalDoc

LogicalDoc has two versions: one is commercial, and another is free open-source, supported by a team of developers and an active community. Since you’re looking for free DMS, LogicalDoc’s community version will be the perfect fit.

With excellent efficiency, LogicalDoc lets us organize and store digital paper copies on a large scale. Above all, the system is also good at importing documents from ZIP files and providing hassle-free document searching. Not only this, you will get other advanced features too.



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