If you are a fan of Diablo 3, the game that features combat and loots collecting, this list is for you. Diablo 3 is the third franchise f the fantastic Diablo series. Currently, it is one of the most celebrated games on Steam.

However, there are several other games like Diablo 3, that feature the same intense battle scenes. And as playing the same game every day seems boring, you can try these games instead. As the game mechanics and objective remain the same, it will be interesting for Diablo fans.

However, if you do not know about such games as Diablo 3, our list might be helpful as we have stacked several Diablo alternatives you can try. Our list has options for both PCs and consoles to make it useful for all kinds of gamers.

Best Games Like Diablo 3

  • Lost Ark
  • V Rising 
  • Grim Dawn
  • Warhammer: Chaosbane
  • Torchlight 2
  • Book of Demons
  • Victor Vran
  • Path of Exile

1. Lost Ark

Only a few games have smooth controls, deep character development, and loot growth, like Lost Ark. It ranks among the top PC games of all time and frequently attracts thousands of active players on Steam. Moreover, it’s free, so definitely try it.

Lost ArkLost Ark achieves cinematic levels of breadth and spectacle throughout its primary narrative, with massive conflicts that seem straight out of Lord of the Rings. Additionally, there are sixty levels to complete. So, we can confirm it is one of the closest games like Diablo 3 that you can get.

Available on PC 

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2. V Rising 

V Rising differs from the conventional Diablo imitation because it plays more like a survival game than an RPG in many ways. You awaken, having just changed into a blood-hungry vampire. Your top priority is to gather materials to create a base.

V Rising As the sun slowly kills vampires, you must spend the daytime alone in your castle, creating tools and structures until nightfall. V Rising is a good survival game to play alone or with pals; this is why it has earned a spot on our list of games like Diablo.

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3. Grim Dawn

On our list of games like Diablo, Grim Dawn is undoubtedly the one that suits the best if you’re looking for an intricate and challenging RPG experience. There are many noteworthy aspects of Grim Dawn, such as the post-apocalyptic scenario and the absurdly extensive in-game narrative.

Grim DawnYou can select a class, as in any worthwhile RPG, but what makes Grim Dawn unique is the ability to mix and match styles to create a custom hybrid. In addition, you can see how flexible Grim Dawn’s class structure is if you consider its many hundreds of item talents.

Available on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One

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4. Warhammer: Chaosbane

This old RPG game can be a perfect alternative to Diablo 3. The game keeps the same isometric view, four-player cooperative gameplay, and class kinds while making the whole thing feel like it belonged at the end of this decade.

Warhammer: ChaosbaneFast-moving but cautious combat forces you to pause before entering an enemy camp or taking on a boss. Knowing how to counter enemy movements requires strategy, and there are enough different adversary situations to keep things interesting.

Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

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5. Torchlight 2

It is another RPG for lovers of dungeon crawlers, just like Diablo 3, but with a more colorful interpretation. You may do extra things like sending your pet to the market to sell your stuff on your behalf. 

Torchlight 2It has all the same mechanics and elements that have made the genre what it is. There are a tonne of different weaponry and play styles to experiment with, and the game is full of pleasant little details like that that make it feel a little smoother and friendlier.

Available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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6. Book of Demons

The visually appealing game is likely the best on this list. Everything in Book of Demons is made to look like a pop-up book, the kind you would have read as a child or perhaps one you would read to your small children or younger siblings.

Book of DemonsHowever, it also deserves praise for transforming the hack-and-slash gameplay of Diablo into a deck-building mix. The battle is straightforward and involves playing cards. You can also manage unique powers and refine your character over numerous dungeon runs makes things more challenging.

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7. Victor Vran

In this game, you play the titular demon hunter in Victor Vran’s story, who is on a mission to destroy evil and other things. It has a high degree of ability, weapon, and skill customization, and there are many paths you can take in your demon-hunting build.

Victor VranSince Victor Vran is played from a top-down, isometric perspective, you should be able to get used to it if you’ve played other older RPGs. If you’re looking for something simple and approachable with a dark aesthetic. Additionally, it has received a few updates that include new attacks, weapons, and even maps.

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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8. Path of Exile

The most well-known game, like Diablo 3, is Path of Exile. After a few years of release, the game has become a substantial substitute for Diablo offering a rich experience. Even more, it succeeds in taking the model established by Diablo. 

Path of ExileMoreover, it is free-to-play and uses an essentially fair concept, making it even more astounding. The game’s creator, Grinding Gear Games, regularly updates the title with sizable expansions every few months, not to mention they have also released Path of Exile 2. 

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One

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