To send and receive the fax, the fax number is mandatory. Fax number is like a home address where the fax will lend. Before the invention of online fax services, the fax machine was also dependent on fax numbers to send and receive a fax.

Now the ways to get the fax number have changed. A number of online faxing services are present that facilitate the users depending on their demands. It’s obvious that sending a fax directly from Google is not possible. That’s why faxing services are used to exchange faxes online.

CocoFax: Ironclad Guaranteed Online Faxing Service

CocoFax is mentioned in Google fax-free, in a blog post that is based on online faxing services. CocoFax is a web-based online faxing service that provides economical services. CocoFax is a reliable and reputed brand endorsed by many big names like

CocoFax is a free service that anyone around the world can use without feeling a burden on the pocket. And the icing on the cake is that CocoFax provides a fax number free of cost. To get the fax number, the users don’t have to contact the operator or establish any separate telephone line.

Fax numbers could be assigned online free of cost with the convenience of selecting the fax number best suited for the purpose. Users can choose the fax number from various categories like a toll-free number, vanity number, easy to remember the number, and previous fax number.

What Makes CocoFax Suitable for office and Personal Use?

CocoFax is functional on any device as long as the internet connection is stable. For smartphones separate mobile applications are available. In the case of Mac, PC, and laptop email and online ways are used.  CocoFax preserves the security of sensitive documents by eliminating the need for printing the paper out.

CocoFax allows faxing to be done on the go. For official use, users can add the digital signature on the documents. Both national and international faxes can be sent and received by the users without any hassle. To clear any query  Google fax-free blog post is available, go to the Google fax-free site and learn about the CocoFax in depth.

For individual use, the user doesn’t have to call for another telephone line. For limited time use, you can simply use the free trial option and after sending the fax you can cancel the subscription. CocoFax is economical as after free trial expiry it charges very little for the top-notch services it provides.

1.) Free Fax Number by CocoFax Online

To get a free fax number a few things are required. The process is simple and every non-tech person can easily acquire a fax number suitable for the specific purpose. The process to get the fax number is explained below.

Step 1:

The first thing in getting a fax number is account creation on the official site of CocoFax. For that via any web browser, you have to open the CocoFax site and click on the free trial option. This trial will facilitate you with free fax number and free faxing services for a one-month duration


After clicking on the free trial option, a window with empty fields will open, here you have to select the fax number. After that go on to the next step and enter the full name of yours and the email address. This account will get synchronized with the CocoFax account.

After the completion of this process, you will be assigned with the fax number that you can use without any payment. If you want to send a fax after getting the number, click on the “new fax” option on the dashboard that will appear after the registration process is complete.

Step 2:

Now fill the template to draft the fax and do not leave the mandatory fields empty.

To field:

In this field, you have to type the fax number of the person you want to send the fax to. This fax number will be provided to you by the receiving person.


This is not an essential field, you can leave it without a y text. But if you want to add the title anything written here will become the title of the fax.


This is the place where you can add extra information and your contact details for the recipient.


This is the field where you have to attach the document. To save time, select multiple files and CocoFax will send them as single fax.

Step 3:

 Last but not the least, you have to review the fax and once you are satisfied, hit the send option and your fax will reach the recipient immediately. If the fax is not being sent check the fax number again and try to send it again. The problem could be at the receiving end too.

This lightning-fast speed and military level secrecy gives CocoFax an edge over all other means of sending and receiving the fax. The team of practiced operators is available to answer any query all the time.

2.) Receive Fax on your Fax Number via CocoFax:

 To receive the fax from across the world, you have to facilitate the person with your fax number. The fax number you have got from CocoFax is like an address on which you will receive all the faxes. CocoFax will get the fax and will keep it in your inbox.

You can log into your CocoFax account through any web searcher or you can simply open the email account and all your faxes will be present there. Read them whenever you want without the hassle of printing the papers out.


In the end, to wrap the discussion about getting a free fax number, it can be concluded that CocoFax is a trustworthy service for getting a free fax number. This fax number is free of any hidden charges. You can use it without any payment for a limited time period.

CocoFax has made the faxing process fun and user friendly. Its brilliant features keep the CocoFax ahead of the curve. For international faxing, this fax number is used with country code and some specific requirements. If the fax number is entered correctly and the lines are not busy fax sill be delivered without any delay.


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