Google and Facebook are now taking the coronavirus outbreak misinformations very seriously. The recent outbreak of the Corona Virus in the Wuhan province of China raised serious concerns about health care. However, the more significant risk at hand is the recent cyber attacks that are using the pretext of the virus outbreak.

Multiple international firms are adversely affected by malware hacks and trojans. Trojans disguised as coronavirus news updates are doing the rounds and corrupting servers across Asia and across.

Google And Facebook Trying To Stop Coronavirus Misinformation
Image via Medical Dialouges

Google and Facebook recently released statements of concern regarding this cyber attack and are trying their best to resolve the current situation. The “SOS Alerts” against the Coronavirus is the perfect step by Google, working in tandem with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to stop the frenzy about the virus spread. The SOS Alerts also declare precautions against unnecessary scares and internet scams.

Hackers Seeing This An Avid Opportunity, Claim Security Experts

Different hacking groups are seeing this scare as an opportunity to hack into mail accounts and other social networking accounts using pirated attachments. They clone documents and compel users to download these attachments. These attachments then crash several servers. China, Japan, and the areas of Hong Kong are currently affected by these malware attacks.

Safety tips, alerts, and healthcare access are now available across Google’s primary search engine, Twitter, and Facebook. Twitter has made coronavirus the most trending hashtags and is issuing alerts to users based in Asian province to bring awareness of the crisis. In this way, they will be able to stop people from falling for cheap gimmicks by hackers to cause data breaches. Some data experts ironically claim that the malware attacks on the pretext of the virus spread are more lethal than the actual virus.

Facebook is running constant fact-checks on the news based on coronavirus so that users are not misled in any manner.


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