Dark mode has become a standard feature in most of the applications today. Just from last year, we saw companies updating their applications to bring the Dark mode feature, and today almost every app posses a dark mode. Google has also been updating its apps lately and now the company has officially brought dark layout to its most popular search application, the Google App.

Google App Finally Gets The Dark Mode Feature

Google App: The Search App From Google Finally Gets The Dark Mode Feature
Google App: The Search App Finally Gets The Dark Mode Feature

The Google app was one of the most requested apps for the dark layout and according to some users, the dark layout was already available in their Google applications. After some digging, it was known that the dark layout was available to limited users back in June but now the new layout is officially available to everyone.

The new update is available on both Android and iOS devices, but iOS users will officially get it by next week. Once users update the app, they will receive a small notification at the bottom saying is that the feature is now accessible.

The app will automatically switch to the dark layout provided that your phone’s system-wide dark mode is turned on. If users don’t want it to turn on automatically, then they can go to the settings of the app and change it accordingly.

Other than this, Google has been updating several apps to dark layout, the company updated the whole Google Suite apps including the popular Google Photos and Gmail application.

Source – Google


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