Google Chrome users need to worry a bit now and update their browsers. Their current version of the browser has bugs that can cause critical damage to the system if not resolved immediately. According to some sources, before the browser version was launched and patched, hackers had penetrated it and can now hack into any system using these outdated browsers.

However, some sources are calling this a hoax. They claim that this is just a pretext for the users to update to the latest browsers through false alarms. However, others are not willing to take that chance. Windows, Linux, or Mac-based operating systems are all vulnerable to this breach. Therefore users need to look into the browser settings, launch and update to the latest version, which fixes the miscreant bugs.

Google Chrome Update: Urges Users to Update to its Latest Version
Google Chrome Update: Urges Users to Update to its Latest Version

Chrome R&D is very critical on this issue following a series of browser hacks and malware breach complaints by users. With Microsoft’s latest browser Chromium set to release soon, the onus in on Chrome to keep their ships afloat. If Chromium finds stronghold with users on the grounds of privacy protection, user policy, and malware protection, there is no looking back for it.

Data Security Experts In A Fix

This year has been the worst for data security experts following various hacking scandals across the globe by dreaded hacking groups. This included millions of bitcoins robbed through online systems internationally from countries like Spain, the USA, and the UK.

Data security and OS R&D experts are looking at options to secure their orders through a series of operations. The latest patch by Google for Chrome claims that the bug has been done away within it’s latest version. However, they urge users to keep their browsers updated to avoid any data breach. Some claim that this is nothing but a zero-day exploit on Chrome-based systems.


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