Now, if it is about any project, presentation, or document, most of us especially rely on doc editing apps. And Google Docs is among the most reliable ones and not to mention it is available for free. It offers great editing features, collaboration power, and, most importantly, you can work from any device.

However, there are still many users who don’t prefer Google Docs, as they might have different needs and expectations for their projects. Hence, here we will see some of the best Google Docs alternatives that are feature-rich in nature and has good collaborations and facilities.

List of Best Google Docs Alternatives You Can Use:-

1. Quip


Quip is a simple and free Google Docs alternative that comes with some of the most vigorous tools and collaboration features. It can be a comfortable pick up if you are looking for something handier and perfectly suitable to work from a smartphone.

However, it is not famous for providing advanced editing features, but you can perform most of the basics without any problem. Most importantly, Quip has the ability to sync with any type of device seamlessly and has extensive collaborations.

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2. OnlyOffice


OnlyOffice is another average alternative especially known for its basic editing tools and great collaborations. It is available both in paid as well as a 30 days free version.

The free version is basically for personal use but will provide you with all the tools available in Google Docs. You can create various types of presentations, documents, etc, edit and customize them accordingly.

Above all, you can sync your OnlyOffice with any cloud storage account and effortlessly store all your projects in a single and sorted place.

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3. Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online is another worth platform that is considered as the best alternative to Google Docs. Not only that, but the Office Online also performs as a free version of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Hence, if you like working with the suite but is unable to pay such a hefty amount, Office Online is just what you need. Both Google Docs and Microsoft Office provides similar tools at the basic and standard level. However, when it comes to the advanced features, that’s where the actual comparison starts.

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4. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs

This one is very much like Office Online. In fact, it even outruns Google Docs and Office when it comes to the features. With Zoho Docs, you can create various documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

It offers all the features found in Microsoft Office, and the collaboration tools are the same as Google Docs. However, it comes with the ability to let users work even offline.

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5. LibreOffice


It is a free and robust Office Suite that stands as a deserving alternative to Google Docs. Libre Office is basically an evolved version of the OpenOffice.

It comes with a clean interface, and its powerful tools give you the freedom to create professional-looking projects with ease. You can create business presentations, marketing presentations, brochures, drawings, diagrams, etc.

Moreover, if you go for its pro version, it unlocks all the premium features and provides you with the most versatile Office experience.

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6. CryptPad


If you had been working on Google Docs and now looking for a sudden shift, CryptPad can be a good option. The interface is a pretty familiar one, and it offers similar editing tools like Google Docs.

Besides, it even comes with a code compiler, and users can create versatile documents, presentations, share whiteboards, polls, etc. The only con is, the free version of CryptPad offers only around 50Mb of cloud storage. In order to unlock most of its features, you need to go for its subscription plans.

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7. Paper by Dropbox

Paper by Dropbox

Paper features a simple, smart, and effective workspace that comes with a variety of editing tools. It comes with limited options of editing tools so, if you want some kind of advanced edits, it is not a relevant option.

But it comes with a very elegant and easy-to-use interface that attracts most of its users. In short, it brings in a combination of creation and coordination together at a single platform.

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8. Collabora


Collabora is another stunning alternative to Google Docs based on LibreOffice. It comes with an interface similar to Microsoft Office and has an extensive set of tools and collaborations.

Moreover, it gives you the freedom to add comments that are very user-friendly. It is again available in both server and cloud-based versions that come with considerable sharing options as well.

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These alternatives come with great features, an attractive interface, and are definitely worth a try. In comparison to Google Docs, editors like Zoho Docs and Microsoft Office Online has an extensive collection of advanced features.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more basic one, Dropbox’s Paper might be a good pick for you. Which one, according to you, is the most productive Google Docs alternative? Let us know in the comments below.

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