Google has launched a new extension for Google Chrome for ad transparency. This Chrome extension shows how many ads are loaded on any web page, what advertisers are present on the page and what data has been used to show the ads.

Google launches Chrome extension to provide ad transparency

Google Launches Chrome Extension For Ad Transparency

The new Chrome Extension is Ads Transparency Spotlight extension and it is available on the Chrome Web Store.

Google said,

“Our new Ads Transparency Spotlight (Alpha) extension for Chrome is part of our ongoing initiative to give people more visibility into the data used to personalise ads and more control over that data.”

The extension will provide insights to ads which are purchased through Google ads. The user will know why any ad is displayed. The ad tech companies are helping to display the ads and the ad platform companies show these ads on the web page.

The new Chrome Extension is Ads Transparency Spotlight extension will also list all the companies and services which are active on the page. It will also display content delivery networks and analytics providers. Later, Google will add more controls to the extension.

This extension is achieved through Google’s Ad Disclosure Schema. Hence, it will show this information for ad providers which purchased ads with Schema.

Google said,

“As others implement this schema, these ads will also appear in the extension. Over time, we hope the industry will incorporate the Ad Disclosure Schema into their ads.”

It is a part of Google’s broader efforts to maintain user trust while executing its advertising model. Google has officially announced a new privacy-friendly API its engineers are working on.

The Trust Token API will work as an alternative by generating unique cryptographically-signed tokens for the users which advertisers can’t use for tracking, but the owner of a website can access to check if the user is real or fake.


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