Google is adding two new features to its platform, while also extending the list of places supported under Immersive View.

In a latest update, Google adds a handful of new European countries and 500 iconic landmarks to Immersive View, while bringing glanceable directions and Recents section to the Maps on Desktop. While the former helps in guiding routes easily, the latter helps in planning your road trips.

Google Maps New Features

Starting with Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, Google’s Immersive View is now expanding to some parts of Europe, like Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice. Further, the platform includes the same visual effects for 500 iconic landmarks too.

Though Google didn’t list the whole landmarks list, it shared some examples like Prague Castle, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Faneuil Hall. Available on both iOS and Android, Immersive View will let you have a glance of something even before you visit it. Search for any of the supported listings and try by yourself.

This aside, Google brings Glance Directions to Maps for quicker guiding of routes. After setting your destination, you can just start seeing a route guide even without entering the Maps navigation. This glanceable direction is available on the lock screen too, and will show ETAs and clear instructions updating frequently. And if you miss a turn by mistake, it’ll automatically reroute and provide new directions to your destination.

And lastly, Google adds a new Recents section in Maps Desktop app, where you can find all the recent places you’ve searched before, and start making a trip out of it. These locations will be saved and highlighted to help you plan a road trip better, and be available in the Recents section even after closing the Maps abruptly.

While the updated Immersive View is available to everyone this week, Recents and Glance Directions will be coming next month. Make sure to keep your Maps app update to see the changes.