Google Maps is going to add one of the most useful features to it. Now, you can directly see on the map before you reach any restaurant, shop, or any place which is already busy. On Google Map, there will be an indicator “busyness,” which will be directly visible on the map.

Indicator “Busyness” Will Tell You if a Place is Busy

(Image credit: Google / TechRadar)

Google has announced this feature on its Search On event. There will be two indicators under the location names; the first is “Busier than usual,” and the second is “As Busy as it gets.” With these indicators, we can roughly know how many people are gathered at that place.

On the Search On event of Google, Google has highlighted some of the new features of Google search and other products like Google Maps and Google Assistant. At the event, the head of Google, Prabhakar Raghavan, introduced the new feature Busyness indicators will soon be available on Google Maps.

Google Maps on Android and iOS will show you how busy the place is with the help of the indicators.

Google has also announced some other features which Google search will get. The new AI tools which will come are improve spelling recognition, passage recognition, understanding the subtopics, and much more. A new spelling algorithm will also be added to improve Google’s misspelled words.


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