The Google Pixel has been raising the bar with every launch of smartphones. While no concrete information is available right now on the Gooogle Pixel 4, but leaks have been doing the rounds regarding possible features. Due to the information passed on by insiders and some friends in the press we now know for certain that the Pixel will bring in a dual-camera setup in its new model.

As per new leaks, the new Pixel 4 phones will dazzle the market with its 8x zoom along with an up-gradation feature. This is the highly coveted night mode or ‘Night Sight.’  A new “motion mode” feature is also set to debut and capture the market by storm.

Google Pixel 4 Set to Rock the Market with 8x Zoom, 6GB RAM & Night Sight Mode
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This characteristic will enable a person to catch snaps of fast-moving objects and also get them in focus. Moreover, the background won’t incur the blurring effect and give results akin to a standalone camera.

Extra Features and Why This Phone Will Stand Out?

The night mode will come armed with better performance and faster core performance. Though an exact tangible number of attesting for image quality can be got, it will surely make things much quicker and smoother for the customer. An increase in reflex up to 10 seconds can be possible.

Google Pixel 4 leaked pics reveal 8X Zoom, 6GB RAM
Credits – XDA

One awesome picture doing the rounds is the camera UI on the Pixel 4. At the bottom, one can see a zoom slider which gives options for maxing out by 8x. Sheer genius. Moreover, as it is Google, we can expect better image quality even at this pace and zoom.

It is however not sure whether if the sensor will crop from a high-resolution image, or maybe it has a periscope style arrangement. Moreover, one more leaked image revealed that the Pixel 4 would come embedded with 6GB of RAM. Hence processing power will also get a boost.


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