Taking a page out of Twitter, Google is asking its employees to stay in a hotel at the company’s premises, which would reduce the commute time.

While it’s beneficial to push the hybrid working format, Google wants employees to pay $99 for the hotel stay, unlike Twitter’s free scheme. Employees had mixed feelings in the internal forums, as some supported it, while others were against it.

Google Perk For Hybrid Working

Since early last year, Google has asked employees to return and work at offices. Since they could be grunting, Google crafted a hybrid work policy to let them work three days a week at the office while the rest days at home.

And to attract them to this policy, Google offered several perks like bicycles, cash rewards etc., while also threatening them to show up physically, citing that in-person attendance would be considered during each employee’s evaluation. Now, it’s letting employees stay at a campus hotel to reduce the commute time and be more productive.

In an advertisement sent to the employees this week, Google asks its staff to stay at the 42-acre campus hotel for $99 per night, hoping to “make it easier for Googlers to transition to the hybrid workplace. Though it’s similar to what Elon Musk did to Twitter – asking employees to stay in the “workspace bedrooms”, Google wants to commercialise it.

Employees had mixed feelings about this new invitation, as one criticised it as “Now I can give some of my pay back to Google.” At the same time, another person acknowledged that a month’s stay at the on-campus hotel would run $3,000 a month, less than much of the housing in the surrounding San Francisco area!

Though it’s an exciting move to bring back employees to the office, it’s unknown how the staff would avail of this offer, which is ending on September 30th.