Grammarly is a world-class proofreading tool that is downloaded by around 10 million people across the globe. It does an excellent job when it comes to checking grammatical and spelling errors.

It is based on artificial intelligence and features a robust algorithm capable of learning from your activities and instantly comes up with more refined suggestions.

However, there are many other proofreading tools known for delivering a satisfactory service. Some of which are mentioned in this list.

So, for any reason, you are not happy using Grammarly and looking for an alternative, you should definitely try out these proofreading tools.

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List of Best Grammarly Alternatives You Can Use in 2022

1. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is definitely one of the best proofreaders and a great replacement for Grammarly. It comes with quite a straightforward interface, along with a bunch of tools to maximize your writing efficiency.

It offers various writing styles like blog posts, academic writing, business, and many more. Besides, it performs several tests to ensure your write-up is not only error-free but also has good readability as well.

It effortlessly integrates with any browser and even works great with Google Docs and MS Office.

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2. White Smoke

White SmokeWhite Smoke is pretty much like Grammarly. It features an advanced AI that analyzes and reports to you about every minor mistake. It checks your grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation, tense, and more.

Interestingly, it has a good explanation behind every highlighted word that tells you why a particular word or phrase is not appropriate in the sentence.

Apart from that, White Smoke also suggests versatile writing styles that help you become proficient in writing.

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3. Paper Rater

Paper RaterIn contrast to Grammarly, Paper Reader seems a fundamental option as it lacks many features. However, if you are looking for a highly effective and easy-to-use proofreader, it will surely meet your expectations.

The tool analyzes your texts in-depth and reports all the errors. It basically focuses on spelling and grammar checks and does an amazing job in that.

Moreover, it comes with a plagiarism checker that compares your write-up with billion other pieces on the internet and yet comes up with a fast result. Above all, Paper Reader is a free tool. Hence, anyone can use it with ease.

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4. Sapling

SaplingNext, we have Sapling, a writing assistant featuring a powerful and advanced algorithm. It boasts a variety of writing improvement tools and features that help you write like a pro.

Sapling makes use of a machine learning system that identifies almost 60% more errors than any other proofreading application. It helps you improve the quality of your projects and even learn from your actions to suggest more based on your way of writing.

Other than this, it is available as an extension for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and even services such as Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

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5. Ginger

GingerGinger is a simple yet effective proofreader that meets most of the features you could expect from Grammarly. The application comes with a user-friendly interface.

Thus even a beginner can learn it in no time. It mostly focuses on the accuracy of the language and offers more personalization options. One of its noticeable features is, it comes with an “Approve all” option, which lets you instantly make changes to your article, in case you like all its suggestions.

Above all, Ginger features an excellent translator supporting over 60+ languages.

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6. 1Checker

1CheckerJust like Grammarly, 1Checker is another amazing tool that seems similar to an extent. It features a robust AI that helps in identifying all spelling and grammatical errors.

It also gives helpful suggestions to improve your writing style. Also, it provides you with good explanations for every error, like Grammarly. 1Checker comes with an in-built dictionary that even helps polish your vocabulary skills.

It is a free tool that gives you in-depth reports, advanced suggestions, and all totally makes up an excellent alternative to Grammarly.

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After looking at these best Grammarly alternatives, you should be able to find the right one for you. Some of them are free, while others come at a cost.

Anyway, all these proofreaders come with a magnificent collection of tools and smart algorithms that help in writing error-free articles with improved style.

Let us know which one did you find the most productive and how it is better than Grammarly.

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