If you use version control software or want one for software development, you are at the right place. GUI GIT clients are well-liked by programmers for the accessibility it offers. The tool aids developers in maintaining their repositories.

If you don’t know about it, these clients help you with code modifications and store them for later use. It also provides a collaborative platform for programmers to work in a team. We have prepared a list of some of the widely used Git GUI clients.

For first-time users, Git might have a steep learning curve, but once you start using it, there is no looking back. Our list consists of beginner and advanced-level GUI Git Clients for Mac users. So, let us take a look at them.

Best GUI Git Clients For Mac

  • Fork
  • Sourcetree
  • Gitbox
  • Tower
  • Sublime Merge
  • Smart Git
  • GitKraken
  • Gitup

1. Fork

This GUI Git client must be on your list if you want to try something exciting. It is accessible on workstations running Windows and Mac. For simple projects, you can either download the free evaluation copy or, if you require more robust development features, you can purchase a license.

The tab-based navigation provided by this git GUI makes it incredibly easy to arrange your git administration activities. Image diffs, Merge conflicts, Cherry-pick, Submodules, Git LFS, Git-flow, Interactive rebase, and Repository manager are a few of this tool’s noteworthy features.

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2. Sourcetree

It is a GUI created by Atlassian, an IT software business that also started Bitbucket and Jira. Sourcetree offers a robust graphical user interface compared to similar applications. Moreover, it enables the smooth execution of fundamental Git-related operations like local repository cloning and merging changes to programming code.

Sourcetree also supports Git files that are huge in size. It displays branching diagrams or commit graphs of such considerable size without lagging. So, you can trust it with your huge projects.

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3. Gitbox

Another amazing Git GUI for Mac is GitFinder. If you use MacOS 10.11.5+ then Gitbox will be a great choice. The app has a Finder module where you can use your mouse to run the git commands supported by the app. 

Additionally, a customizable menu gives you the control and flexibility you require. Other features include cherry-picking, quick diffs, merge conflicts, keyboard shortcuts, file history, pull requests, etc.

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4. Tower

Tower Git Client is excellent for projects requiring scaling up and managing huge development projects. For Mac computers, it is a high-end git GUI client. Though you might have to invest in this technology initially, it will quickly pay for itself by increasing your project productivity.

It has many powerful features, including Learning Resources, Commit History, Submodules, and Repository Management. Additionally, you can easily sync service accounts because the platform supports GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub, Azure DevOps, and other services.

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5. Sublime Merge

This GUI Git Client is a fast, well-equipped tool that automatically resolves merge conflicts. Additionally, the application works with Linux, Mac, and Windows devices, saving your development team from using various git clients to collaborate on the same project.

Text syntax highlighting, Line-by-line staging, Commit editing, Sub-module management, Command palette, and Git Flow integration are a few of this tool’s major Git-related features. Since Sublime Merge allows you to view the precise commands used in Git, it gives you the impression that you are using the real thing.

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6. SmartGit

It is another fantastic GUI Git Client since it works with many platforms other than Mac, such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. So you might want to try Git if your team enjoys managing git on mobile devices.

Although Git’s primary tool is a CLI, it also comes with two GUI tools. You must link Git with external programs like Gitbox, SourceTree, TortoiseGit, and others to perform further git administration duties.

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7. GitKraken

GitKraken is a top-tier utility for git clients because of its effectiveness, dependability, and clean user interface. Developers of all skill levels can enjoy using the tool. However, GitKraken should be your first option if you have to grant a place in your DevOps project to a novice developer.

It provides an editor for editing the current programming codes and the essential functions for Git management. Additionally, you can launch a new project from the desktop client itself.

The automatic synchronization of new and current tasks is the perfect solution for well-organized teamwork in software or app development.

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8. Gitup

It is an open-source tool for Mac that enables git repository and IDE communication. The application is built on GitupKit, a general-purpose Git toolkit. Because this toolkit is reusable, you can use GitupKit to create your own Git application.

A real-time view of repository or source code modifications is one of its best features. Even if you make modifications inside the Gitup environment, the tool will still display a live activity to highlight the modifications. 

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