The Hack Right Program attained a memorandum of support from across the globe. Around 20 companies pledged to mentor the initiative, which began in 2018. The movement comes to light after allegations of hacking arose in the younger age groups of 18-26. According to the Hack_Right officials, the campaign intends to channelize the talents of budding hackers for a better cause.

Teenage hackers tend to break into government or private company servers and cause data loss worth thousands of dollars. This, they do for fun, but the outcomes are severe. To cultivate this problem, the Hack_Right officials came up with a plan to guide these teens on ethical hacking, which could later get them jobs in security firms across the globe.

Hack_Right Plans To Conduct Hackathons To Recruit

Many MNCs conduct hackathons in Universities and schools to search for coding talents. Hack Right authorities are planning to do the same, searching for budding talents and handling them for a cause. The 20 companies who pledged support to the program are willing to recruit these young talents on project-basis or intern-basis, mentoring, and educating them on ethical hacking.

Hack_Right Program Receives Global Support
Hack_Right Program Receives Global Support

In this way, the coders can learn and earn simultaneously, which would be great exposure for their later careers. The company lists contain some biggies like ING, Deloitte, KFC, Standard Chartered, Rabobank, DBS and more.

The campaign started with a small initiative from police forces in the UK and Netherlands. It later spread to other parts of Europe, once it tasted success. The fundings of the Hacking programs are being released by the corporations soon. Deloitte officials confirmed their grants towards Hack_Right in a press statement on their official Website.

This comes at a time when data loss and piracy is at its peak, and MNCs are suffering losses in millions due to these factors. Northwave and Secura have also released press statements confirming the same.


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