Coronavirus and its latest form COVID-19 has taken the world into a frenzy. With rising medical cases every minute across the globe, stakes are high on national governments to curb the effect of this epidemic and resolve the situation.

Originating from China and spreading to major EU countries like Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland, COVID-19 is indeed a point of concern for all. Even the United States has issued a “red-line” blockade against all international passengers flying in.

Hackers Launch Ransomware Disguised As Coronavirus Tracker App
Hackers Launch Ransomware Disguised As Coronavirus Tracker App

Amidst all this crisis, the cyber world and social media is now the best solution to spread information and broadcasts about COVID-19 to people. However, some hackers are taking advantage of this crisis by making cloned apps resembling coronavirus tracking apps.

These apps trick you into thinking that you can track the spread of the epidemic in your area, but actually, it breaks into your systems and demands a ransom to unlock. This is occurring to people installing and using the application which shuts the phone firewall during permission seeking.

Data Security Experts Looking Into The Matter

Data security experts have readied a hard-coded solution to this issue. Domaintools, a company with iconic security services, claim that their codes will help users get past the ransomware code and uninstall the application safely. The fear that this application is available and downloadable from the Play Store is not genuine at all. You will find this app on some sites which will look exactly like a health-related website.

With mounting panic and threat looming over citizens from every part of the world, such malice is not being taken very sportingly by legal authorities. Interpol authorities claim that people must come together at this time of crisis and support each other. These ransoms operate through bitcoins, and you need to pay your ransom, which automatically purchases bitcoins and sends it to the anonymous bitcoin ID of the hacker.


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