A hardcore criminal hacking group has claimed responsibility for recent site breaches of the Labor Party. The group, namely the Lizard Squad, crashed into their servers and mishandled data worth thousands of hours. The attempt was directed towards knocking off the digital party’s platforms across social media.

The attempt was a large scale attempt during the time of US Elections. A DDoS attack, a common weapon of criminal hackers was used for this purpose. However, the attempts were highly unsuccessful, according to the Party’s top officials. The robust and advanced security systems managed to keep the hackers off the servers for a significant amount of time until the systems were restored to normalcy, said a source.

Labour cyber attack
Image Source – Pixbay

A botnet tool was used to carry out the DDoS attack, which can only be executed by professional and expert hackers. The Lizard Squad has previously been charged with numerous international-level hacking incidents which include the likes of Twitter and Facebook as well.

No Data Was Compromised: Sources

Jeremy Cobrin, the leader of the Labour Party also became a victim of this extensive hacking attempt from the Lizard Squad’s end. Multiple botnets were used to hack into the systems which are untraceable and bounce off millions of servers across the globe. The server bounce makes these botnets impossible to trace

Lizard Squad was the only hacking group that took responsibility for these cyber attacks. No other group has stepped up to claim responsibility. The Squad ruled out a possibility of a third party assistance in these attacks, which they claim, were carried out of their own free will. They added that attacks like these would continue over the years unless the administration steps up and strengthens its servers.

The attack on the political group’s sites are making party admins suspicious of an attempt by rival parties to thwart their race to the Elections. The claims cannot be completely ruled out looking at the fact that only the Labour Party has come under attack as of now.


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