Instagram constantly working to add more innovative features to enhance user experience. But they didn’t implement the hiding follower feature until now. Therefore, many users have privacy issues regarding this.

If you are coming across hiding Instagram followers from others for privacy concerns, then this is the post about how to hide followers on Instagram to follow – it’s super simple.

No doubt Instagram is one of the mainstream media for gaining attention and receiving compliments from others, but there are people who prefer to keep their lives private.

Can You Hide Instagram Followers from Others

Whether you have a business account or a personal profile, Instagram hasn’t the feature yet to hide followers from Instagram. Even if you keep private your account, whom you follow can see your followers.

Although, the feature of hiding followers on Instagram is still unavailable until now. But there are some effective ways to control things in your way. This means you can hide your follower if your privacy is truly concerned.

How to Hide Followers on Instagram

As I mentioned before, Instagram does not have a feature to hide followers. However, there are a few methods you can try. Here are some ways you should consider:

1. Make Your Account Private

To be frank, making your personal account private won’t help you to hide your follower if the person has a mutual follow between both of you.

But if you consider removing them from the follower list and making your Instagram account. Therefore, it surely going to help you. So here’s the process you need to follow to make your account private.

Unfortunately, business profiles can’t make their account private. If you want to make it private, then you revert the business account to a personal account.

  1. Firstly, open an Instagram app, and click on the Profile on instagram profile icon
  2. Then click on the three lines, and select Settings.
  3. Next, click on Privacy.
  4. Now enable the toggle button Private account to make your Instagram account.enable the toggle button Private account

So far you have made your account that might help to hide your profile contents and following, followers.

But your followers are still visible to those who have a mutual connection with you. So you have to remove from your follower and the following list. Move to the next steps.

2. Remove Users from Followers

Here we have talked about how to remove someone from followers. If your account has transferred to a private account from a public, then removing the user works significantly. Otherwise, removing the user won’t help you to stop viewing your followers. This is what you need to follow.

  1. Open the Instagram app, and click on the Profile on instagram profile icon
  2. Then click on the Followers options, and the list of followers will appear in front of who has followed you. Now simply click on the Remove button to remove the person from your follower list.remove followers

And this is how you can hide followers on Instagram.

3. Block the User

This is one of the straightforward ways to hide your follower from any specific person. However, whenever you block a person, neither they can send messages nor spy on your followers. Let’s follow this to block a user.

  1. Launch the Instagram app, and tap on the Message icon.instagram chat
  2. Either you can search for the username you want to block or you can pick him/her up from the chat. Click on their name.
  3. When chat will open, then click on the Name.
  4. Now simply tap on Block to block him/her.remove followers

After performing the blocking method, the blocked person can’t access followers.

Final Words

Instagram always provides the best privacy a user can get. However, the direct hiding follower is still not available to use. Maybe we can see it later in the future. But as of now, that’s everything you need to know about how to hide followers on Instagram. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.


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