Technology is quite advanced in social networks, and users have to be aware of fraudsters who get paid to hack Facebook accounts. Most people have access to social networks worldwide and are spoilt for choice.

There are quite many social media platforms that one can sign up with, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Yahoo, and many others. All these social networks will enable you to connect with new and old friends and family as well.

Facebook is a famous social network platform that you can use on your laptop, iPhone, Android, and desktop computer through the internet. The choice is yours. Facebook also has a chat messenger. For you to have an account, it is relatively easy to open one, and all you need is go to Google search engine and search for the Facebook site, and you will be directed to sign up page and fill in your details.

This is the signup process or creating the accounting process, and once you finish, you have to activate your account through an email from Facebook requesting you to confirm your account through a link.

You will be logged in, and at this stage, you can put a photo of your choice for your profile. You can also improve on your profile depending on the kind of face you prefer that include pictures and other personal details like schools attended and place of work or business.

Once you log in, ensure you confirm your email or mobile number details are correct. Be very keen to sign out after you finish what you are doing on your account to avoid any idlers whose work is to hack Facebook account and manipulate the users.

You can now start connecting with your friends and invite new ones on your Facebook page. You can also enjoy mobile messenger app by downloading it and sign in using the same details you opened your Facebook account.

Once you log in to Messenger, from chats, click on your profile picture on the top left corner, select people and relate to uploading contacts, and turn the setting off and on. You are now ready to use the Messenger.

Ensure that your login details are kept secret and always sign out once you have finished working on your account. That is to avoid online fraudsters who are waiting to hack your account. Below is the enlightenment on how Facebook accounts are hacked.

How Keylogging to Hack a Facebook account

That includes Hardware Keylogging, where you connect directly to a device and Software Keylogging.

Hardware Key Loggers Must Have

  1. The target account user you are hacking must have a laptop or desktop computer, windows, or mac, with a USB port which they use to access Facebook and messenger account.
  2. You must gain access to this device.
  3. the PC must be connected to a keyboard cable, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

Hardware key loggers that are used for hacking Facebook account are tiny devices that can be connected to the cable that connects to the computer and its keyboard. It resembles a USB adapter. The hackers trend wisely to avoid been discovered.

How to Operate the Hardware Keylogging to Hack a Facebook Account

  1. Connect the small gadget on the USB port. You can try wireless connectivity and just insert the receiver into an available USB port.
  2. Once connected and its presence is recognized in the PC, the device will pick all typed text automatically. Passwords and texts are saved to the internal memory of the device as .txt files.
  3. Once done, you can pick the device and see over all the data collected.

Software Keyloggers to Hack a Facebook Account

It’s much safer, smarter, and more comfortable than hardware keylogging. It’s a computer program that you need to install directly to the victim’s device. It’s meant to save every keystroke made. This software will enable hackers to attack Facebook account without their passwords, without the victim knowing they’re hacked.

What you need for Software Keylogging is;

  1. Must have access to the target user or victim’s device laptop, PC, or phone.
  2. Must know how to install the software file on a smartphone, PC, or laptop.

Phishing Method Used to Hack a Facebook account

This is making people believe that you are someone else to steal all the information you want from them. It’s done through Facebook campaigns where personal details are collected from victims landing pages.

Hoverwatch Spy App Used to Hack a Facebook account

Hoverwatch the most current, reliable, and it’s a software that is installed quickly. You can read Facebook messages, access call logs, internet history, sums messages, email accounts, and all social media services. It’s easy to set up and user-friendly as well as customer support for any help that you require. Hoverwatch helps you access your Facebook and Messenger accounts quickly and affordably. 

So any information on your cellphone is vulnerable and hacked through this software, and it’s not Wi-Fi based. Hoverwatch works like Man in the Middle attack, where the attacker comes in between two people and ensure that he intercepts valuable messages between the two speakers (victims) and brings in new notes.

Solutions to Follow to Avoid Hackers

  1. Make sure you log out on all your devices.
  2. Don’t save your password on public devices.
  3. Choose two-way verification when logging in to your accounts.
  4. Keep yourself protected from Malware and Spyware.


You may wonder why someone would hack your Facebook account. Most account hackers are looking for information that can be of help to them, especially personal information. A spouse could be following up to find if the partner is cheating on them. 

Parents could be spying on their kid’s relationship in case they are still young and worried about their social life online and education. Some hackers believe the information collected from hacked accounts will help them in blackmailing, embarrassing, and discriminating for their gains. 

The above information is vital to keep safe from malicious people who are out there trying to hack your personal, monetary, and business details. There are ways and means you can protect yourself from being hacked. Always ensure all your account information is securely kept and log out from your accounts as hackers are looking out to hack Facebook account.


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