The latest decision by the Indian government to ban many popular Chinese apps including TikTok was anticipated. Though the country has banned it over security reasons, there’s still, and always a way around! Indian users can access TikTok by using VPN, a security service that can bypass restrictions and unlocks the banned content.

How to Use TikTok in India?

Accessing banned content isn’t so hard, but it may cause you troubles if not secured properly. Thus, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come handy. These services are widely used for bypassing geographical restrictions and access blocked content, from anywhere. But, how and which ones should be used?


NordVPN is an inexpensive option for unblocking content. This service has plans ranging from as low as $1.99 a month and helps you access TikTok.

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The next suggestion is SurfShark, which is fairly priced and has a wide range of locations to choose from. This also has plans similar to NordVPN and has several features.

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At last, ExpressVPN. This was suggested widely by the community since it’s so reliable. ExpressVPN has a number of location choices to choose from and even accelerates the internet speed.

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Using all these VPNs are legal in India and doesn’t land you in any trouble. They basically mask your IP address and show that you’re accessing the app (TikTok) from other regions than India. Thus, safe. Know more about how VPNs work and best deals on them.

Note: An important thing to note here is that banning TikTok was means the government would be blocking any new installs of the app. Further, it can still monitor for any usage by users and charge them. Thus, make sure you’re connecting safely. Follow the below steps;

  1. Upon signing up and installing the VPN app of your choice, connect to the internet and log in to the app (VPN).
  2. You’d be shown a wide range of location choices to choose from. Pick one of your choices. Important: Exclude India and China, as they’re now banned in these countries.
  3. Now, open the TikTok app, and check it it’s accessible.

TikTok, just like many other blocked apps and websites should be working fine. If not, deactivate or eject the SIM card and follow the above process again by connecting to a WiFi network. This is because the authorities could be watching your Indian originated SIM to log in, thus blocking. After successfully accessing the TikTok, you can re-activate/insert the SIM again.